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I am an amateur genealogist who has been researching WHEATON Families for well over 45 years (on and off).  I turned to DNA to resolve issues of relationship where no paper trail exists and to test my hypothesis of WHEATON family origins. There are 11 distinct WHEATON and WHEADON signatures so far and at least 6 have their roots in Devon.

When I first started my research I quickly learned that I had to keep track of two separate families of WHEATONs in the United States. First, the descendants of Robert WHEATON bc.1606 and second, the descendants of Thomas WHEADON bc.1635. The latter has descendants that changed their name to WHEATON.

If I had not hit a brick wall with my husband’s line I never would have collected all the information I have. But that wall required that I keep track of each family so I could piece together where my husband might fit in. I also began collecting information on where Robert and Thomas came from. This led me to correspond with historians and genealogists in the UK and Australia. In the meantime I raised a family and had a career and discovered my own “WHEATON” ancestor Hannah WHEATON, daughter of the immigrant Robert.

Similarly Jean WHEATON in the UK ran up against a similar brick wall and was collecting WHEATON information as well. She has put together the most comprehensive Wheaton information in the world at the Wheaton One Name Web Site which I am in the process of moving to my site. The WHEATON Surname Project at FTDNA and this site provide additional genetic insight and resources for WHEATON family researchers. Turns out Jean’s husband is a descendant of the WHEATON/WETTON families of Staffordshire which we never would have known, if Den hadn’t taken a YDNA test.

I started this project in February of 2011. My husband took his DNA test on Valentine’s Day. Within 6 weeks he knew he was descended from Robert WHEATON! That is the power of DNA.

Subsequently I  have tested at Ancestry, 23andme,  Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA with their autosomal tests. And mtDNA at FTDNA. As an avid genealogist many previous family traditions have proved to be correct. Since I began my work many working theories of earlier genealogists (now deceased) have been proven, or in some cases disproved, through DNA testing.


“Finding  a Few Hundred Cousins”  Dec 10, 2012 Wall Street Journal

“Unconventional Research In Rehoboth, MA: The Rehoboth Ancestors DNA Project” Rhode Island Genealogical Society Reporter Aug 2014

Pick an Heirloom” Paul Chiddicks mention in Family Tree Magazine UK February 2022


a4est42 AT gmail dot com


This is for NEW GENEALOGISTS or those looking to revamp their systems. I have nearly 50 years so I have seen/done it all. Most of the systems for organizing are just fine when you start out or even ten years in but somewhere along the line the color coded, numeric, alpha numeric, file folders, binders etc is going to break down.

You may be able to remember 200 ancestors and where they fit into your tree but you aren’t going to remember 10,000. Computerized programs are nice for that. When most of us start doing genealogy we may not have a well thought out GOAL and so the plan to achieve it leads to a breakdown in organizing. As we get older our goals CHANGE. We are no longer worried about filling in every blank and shift, as I have, to telling stories. Perhaps individual 9457 means something to you or FT436. Great! But ask yourself what is this going to mean to your children, grandchildren etc. Are they going to look at all your hard work and either not be able to make sense of it or worse yet not care….then what? What you have done is fascinating and it may be beautifully arranged but if it isn’t retained or read— well it was just a nice past time.

What is most compelling about genealogy? It is the STORIES. Not names and dates but a ticket stub from the World’s fair where grandma met grandpa. Its letters, diaries, photos, its knowing that great grandma married at 14 and searching to find out why. If you start NOW to organize with the idea of telling these stories I guarantee not only will you be happier, more organized and your research more focused—but so will those that come after you.

You can use any system you want but please think about the stories. Perhaps you have a binder or binders that are organized by surnames, or Irish immigrants or Revolutionary war Veterans. Just make sure to put all the information on any individual or family together. That means everything, not photos here, census there, birth certificates in that folder.

Think of it this way…..do you want to be scattered across files, boxes, cabinets? A bunch of vertebrae in that box and hip bones on the other shelf? If a forensic scientist was trying to reconstruct your skeleton would they not lay out all your bones, put them into order and then if they were trying to reconstruct your life and what you looked like they would slowly add meat to the bones.

Your job: should you choose to accept it, is to resurrect the people that made your life possible. Choose the ones that call to you and start assembling them now. You will be happier and all those that come after you as well. Trust me on this. Organize to tell stories, do not tell stories of how wonderfully you organize! Kelly Wheaton


Bring Your Family History to Life Through Social History by Katherine Scott Sturdevant. c 2000

You Can Write Your Family History by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack c. 2003


Kelly's DNA Painter as of 8-2020

My Chromosome Map from DNA Painter: 72%, 828 Segments painted

My YDNA (inferred MOSER:Austria to Weißenkirchberg, Bavaria to PA) Haplogroup: I:M223>M221>Z189>L801>Z165>CTS6433>S2364>S2361>Z171>CTS8584>Z185>BY181213

My mtDNA (GEARY my biggest brick wall!!) U5a1b2 (16362)

My paternal lines have several ancestral groups
1. 1700’s Germans to PA then south to VA, NC, TN, AL then north to IA and NE
2. 1700’s Ulster Scots (Scotland to Northern Ireland) to MD then OH, IL, NE
3. 1700’s Germans to MD then IL and NE
4. 1600’s English to MA to NY, IL , NE
5. 1700’s English and Ulster Scots to GA, AL, TX, MO and west
6. Bits of Native American, African and perhaps Portuguese, Roma or Turkish

My maternal line is broken down into four ancestral groups
1. 1800’s Norwegian (Vinje & Seljord, Telemark) to IL & MN
2. 1800’s Swedish (mainly Jonkoping and Kopparsburg Lans) to IL and MN
3. Late 1700’s Possibly Hessian (German) and/ or Ireland to New Jersey, NY, MI
4 1600’s English to MA to VT, NY, MI, then west


Those matches that are italicized I have no DNA matches at that couple level.

2nd great-grandparents (Complete 6th generation) 3rd cousin level (+/-88% will share DNA w. me)

John Wesley WILLIAMSON MOSIER & Catherine Adeline STEWART Madison Co, AL & CT to Lee Co, IA to Dodge Co, NE 
James Lewis PADEN & Millicent Almena COATS Bureau Co, IL  to Colfax Co, IA
Soloman Addison HENAGER & Mary A SPARKS Adair Co, KY
William Marsh FRANKLIN & Eliza Jane KIRK Tuscaloosa, AL to Red River Co, TX to Jasper Co, MO to Latah Co, ID
John Soloman LUNDBERG & Anna OLSDOTTER Jonkoping, Sweden to Minneapolis, MN
Charles Gustavus VANSTRUM & Elizabeth OLSEN Jonkoping, Sweden & Telemark, Norway to Redwing & Minneapolis, MN
Elmer S. SHELDON & Rachel SMITH Kent Co, MI
Johnathan Blynn HALL & Sarah MERRITT Genesse Co, NY to Kent Co, MI

3rd great-grandparents (Complete 6th generation) 4th cousin level

John L. MOSER & Nancy WILLIAMSON Madison Co. AL to Lee Co, IA
Andrew STEWART & Sarah (Sally) RUTAN CT to Sandusky, OH to Lee Co. IA
Alexander PADEN & Maria RAMSBURG Frederick Co. MD to Bureau Co., IL
Daniel COATS & Mary ALLEN Otsego Co., NY to Colfax Co., NE
Soloman HENAGER & Rachel Selina SPARKS NC to Adair Co. KY
Josiah FRANKLIN & Harriot PARK Tuscaloosa Co, AL, & SC to Red River Co, TX
“Ja See” SPARKS & Nancy BARNES  Cumberland and Culpeper Cos., NC to Adiar Co. KY
John KIRK and Sallie WOOD Montgomery and Edgecombe Cos., NC to Red River, TX
Johan Peter LUNDBERG and Anna Catarina Jacobsdotter  Jonkoping, Sweden to Minneapolis, MN
Olof Nilsson and Kersten Persdotter Jonkoping, Sweden to Minneapolis, MN
Gustavus Bengtsson and Maria Catherina HAKBERG  Hakarp, Jonkoping, Sweden to MN
Elif Olsson and Gundvor Giselsdotter Vinje, Telemark, Norway
Justus SHELDON and Elizabeth CORBIN Dutchess Co, NY
Abraham SMITH & Rachel BACON  Dutchess Co, NY to OntarioCo, Ny to Kent CO, MI
Elisha HALL and Sallie THOMPSON  Pawlet, VT to Genesee, NY to Kent Co, MI
John MERRITT and Margaret GEARY (mtDNA) NJ to Wyoming & Genesee Co, NY
Some of my known 4th great-grandparents  7th generation 5th cousin level  (+/-40% will share DNA)

Nicholas MOSER & Elizabeth LOY Berks Co.,PA to Orange later Almance Co, NC
Robert WILLIAMSON & Elizabeth ? (SC?) to Madison Co, AL
Daniel Bertine STEWART & Olive SCOVILLE Cornwall & Middletown CT  to Athens CO, OH
Daniel RUTAN & Mary HAZEL   Audria, MD to Champaign CO, OH
John PADEN & Tabitha ? Londonderry, Ireland to Frederick Co, MD
Christian RAMSBURG & Mary SNOOK Frederick Co, MD 3
Rufus COATS & Mercy ROSE  Stonington CT to DeKalb Co, IN
Ira ALLEN & Hannah WATERS Ira, VT to Jefferson Co., NY
Conrad HENAGER & Christina BOLTENHAMMER PA to NC to KY
Josiah SPARKS & Susannah PHILLIPS MD to KY
William David SPARKS & Mary WRIGHT MD to KY
William BARNES & Elizabeth MARSHALL VA to KY
Thomas FRANKLIN & Nancy ?? perhaps BASS England to GA to AL
? PARK & Catherine ? SC
John KIRK & Sarah STEELE Ireland to NC
William KENDRICK & Sarah JONES
Justus SHELDON & Sylvia SHERMAN RI to Dutchess Co, NY
Samuel CORBIN & Perhaps Allen? Dutchess Co, NY
Asa BACON & Pamela WAITE MA to CT to NY
Peter HALL & Mandana CLARK CT to VT
William THOMPSON ? & Sarah MA
Sven TAPPER & Lena Larsdotter Vrigstad, Jonkoping, Sweden
Peter Hakberg Johanssen & Maria Katharina Petersdotter, Hakarp, Jonkoping, Sweden
“Store” Ole LODVORSON & Asloug ELIEFSDOTTER Vinje, Telemark, Norway
Gisle EGILSON Habbarskvammen Drotning & Asloug RUEFSDOTTER Rui Seljord, Telemark, Norway

Some of my 5th great grandparents 8th generation 6th cousin level

(Georg) Frederick MOSER & Maria Barbara LIESER Bavaria, Germany to PA
George LOY and Mary Elizabeth TILLMAN Germany to PA
Daniel STEWART & Phoebe Lee CHAPMAN Colonial CT
John RUTAN & Catherine JONES Alsace, France to NJ & NY
Henry Clayton HAZEL & Sarah JOHNSON Mineral, WV
Philip Henry RAMSBURG & Susannah DEVILBISS Germany to Fredrick Co, MD
Peter SNOOK & Maria GOSS Germany to MD
William COATES & Zipporah PALMER CT to NY
Peter ROSE & Mary Sarah GATES CT
Benjamin ALLEN & Amy WOOD
Conrad HENNIGER & Anna Catherina KUTZ
Matthew SPARKS & Elinor
John BARNES & Rebecca HAWKINS Culpeper, Culpeper, VA
Alexander MASRHALL & Elizabeth WORSHAM
Robert STEELE & ?
William WOOD & Martha KENDRICK Poquoson, York, Virginia to Randolph NC
Issac SHELDON & Deborah HAIGHT Pawling, Dutchess, NY
Benjamin SHERMAN & Deborah DELANO Pawling, Dutchess, NY
Ephraim BACON & Sarah FAIRBANKS Colonial 7x’s
Seth WAITE & Submit SMITH Colonia
James HALL & Mary LAMB Colonial
Elisha CLARK & Sarah SMITH Colonial
Skinnar Olof LARSSON & Ingebor OLSDOTTER Sweden

9th generation 7th cousin level (+/-12% will share)

Johan Martin MOSER & Margaretha SCHWENBAUER Bavaria, Germany to PA
Benedict LIESER & Barbara ISCH Germany to PA
Martin LOY & Catherine FAUST? PA to NC
John TILLMAN (TILGHAM) & Eva DRYDEN Somerset, MD to OH
Alexander STEWART & Margaret ROBINSON Antrim, Ireland to CT (roots in Scotland, part of the Royal STEWART through Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll)
David CHAPMAN & Abigail LEE East Haddam, CT
Peter (Pieter Abraham) RUTAN & Anna France to NJ
Power HAZEL & ? NJ to VA
Abraham JOHNSON & Rachel OKNEY NJ to VA
Stephen REMSBURGH & Anna BRUNNER Germany to Frederick Co, MD
Hans Casper DEVILBISS & Anna Barbara COCIL? Germany to MD
John SNOOK & Elsie ROCKFELLER New Jersey
William COATS & Antrase GRAY Stonington, CT
Dr. Joseph PALMER & Zipporah BILLINGS Stonington, CT
Peter ROSE & Elizabeth FISH Preston & Stonington, CT
Barnabas ALLEN & Amey CAMP Rehoboth, MA
Nathan WOOD & Rhobe MASON Swansea MA to Berkshire Co, MA
Hans Johann Michael HENNINGER & Anna Maria PARY Alsace, France/Germany
Thomas SPARKS & Elizabeth ? MD
Alexander MARSHALL & Elizabeth WORSHAM Henrico, Virginia
Nicholas KUTZ & Anna Catherina GRIMM Swiss to PA
Michael HAWKINS & Agnes EATON Culpeper, Culpeper, Virginia, USA
Penuel WOOD & Marty SMITHSON VA to NC Powhattan, Virginia
Michael HAWKINS & Agnes EATON
William KENDRICK & Sarah JONES VA to NC King William, Virginia, to Warren NC
Edward JONES & Abigail SUGARS Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia to Granville, NC
Bartlett SMITHSON & Martha WILLIAMS Hanover and Lunenburg Cos VA
Haga Nils Olsson & Anna Jonsdotter Sweden
Thomas SHELDON & Harriet WINTERS RI to Dutchess, NY
Obadiah COOPER & Cornelia GARDENIER
Joshua HAIGHT & Charity KIPP Pawling, Dutchess Co., NY
Jabez SHERMAN & Jedidah HAWES Dartmouth, MA
Thomas DELANO & Jane PECKHAM Dartmouth, MA
Thomas CORBIN & Sarah EASTMAN CT & MA to Dutchess Co., NY
Ephraim BACON & Elizabeth GRIGGS MA
James HALL & Mehitable WOOD Barnstaple, MA
Thomas LAMB & Sarah J. BECKWITH
Daniel CLARK & Elizabeth WHITMORE Middletown, CT
Ebenezer SMITH & Mary ? Wethersfield and Haddam, CT
William WOOD & Elizabeth VEAL Essex, MA

Some of my 7th to 8th Great-grandparents 10-12 generations 8th-9th cousin level (+/-5% will share)

Alexander MARSHALL & Elizabeth WORSHAM
Hans Adam MOSER & Maria STROBEL Bavaria, Germany
Nicolas KUTZ and Anna Catharina GRIMM
Joseph BRUNNER & Catherine Elizabeth THOMAS Schifferstadt, Rhineland, Bavaria, German
Francis Marion SMITHSON & Sarah Edward Burley CHILES?
William COATES & Hannah BILL
Philip BILL & Hannah WAITE
Johan Peter LOY (LEYE) & Anna Maria FETCHER Germany
Edward JONES & Abigail SUGARS VA to NC
Lt. Jabez CORBIN & Mary MORSE MA to CT
Alexander STEWART & Margaret DIXON Antrim Ireland > CT
Peter Abraham RUTAN
Samuel EASTMAN & Elizabeth SCRIBNER
Samuel LAMB & Rebecca BIRD
John WOOD & Bethaiah MASON
John WOOD & Charity MILLARD Rehoboth, MA
John WOOD & Isabel HAZEN
Sampson MASON & Mary BUTTERWORTH Rehoboth, MA
Issac MASON & Mary FISKE
Thomas SPARKS & Elizabeth
Robert Samuel ALLEN & Elizabeth YOUNG
George PALMER & Hannah PALMER Stonington, CT
Gershom PALMER & Ann DENNISON Stonington, CT<
Francis WHITMORE & Hannah HARRIS
Jonathan DELANO & Jane PECKHAM
Jonathan DELANO & Mercy WARREN
Stephen PECKHAM & Mary POPE
Stephen GATES & Jemina BENJAMIN
Isaac SHELDON & Susanah POTTER
Benjamin HASTINGS & Mark CLARK
Edward GRAY and Elizabeth PABODIE
Moses HAIGHT & Elizabeth SHUTE
Thomas WOOD & Ann HUNT
John HAWES & Desire GORHAM
Daniel BACON & Mary REED
William VEAL & Catherine HEIST
Edward HAZEN & Hannah GRANT
William HALL & Esther MATTHEWS
Sgt. John WAITE & Mary BELDEN
Ebenezer SMITH & Mary ROBERTS
John CLARK & Elizabeth WHITE
Johann Peter ROCKFELLER & Elizabthe Christina RUNKEL
Francis SMITHSON & Sarah CHILES?
Samuel FISH & Elizabeth WILLLIAMS
Edward LEES & Abigail STEVENS
Samuel TEUFFLBESS & Magdelena
Hans Jacob GRIMM & Anna Catherina HENRICH
Lars Olofsson & Brita Jonsdotter


As you can see these change wildly over time and very different results depening on company. I believe that Ancestry’s current estimate is the most accurate based on my known tree, with 23andme a close second.

Kelly 2020 Ancestry Estimates

How Many Ancestors have I found?

Parents 2/2 100%

Grandparents 4/4 100%

Great Grandparents 8/8 100%

2nd great Grandparents 16/16 100%

3rd Great Grandparents 32/32 100%

4th Great Grandparents 54/64 84%

5th Great Granparents 88/128 51%

6th Great Granparents 131/256 38%

7th Great Grandparents 195/512 38%

9 Comments on “About Kelly”

  1. Hi Kelly…… I have some info I want to share with you on the parents of my Anna Wheaton who married Benjamin Sanders/Saunders…..think we finally found the evidence we have been looking for for so long! I’ll send it to you soon…just send me an email or a comment and let me know the best place to send the info to you at. So with that new info available, I am really curious to know more about all the DNA testing so I’ve been reading the posts. Well beyond what I understand currently, but I am glad someone or a few someones understand it! Unfortunately, I don’t think my DNA results are going to be of great use….. I did do the FTDNA Family Finder which if I understand things right, which I won’t be surprised if I don’t, is my autosomal DNA, but I’m about 6 generations off from Anna and I am not a name carrying Wheaton but a Sanders instead. I so want to have the genetic proof of Anna’s line so we are totally sure the source I have is right and we are attaching it to the correct person! I am so impressed with all the work everyone is doing and hope to someday be able to contribute to it!!

    • You can post here or send to me at a4est42@gmail.com. It really makes no difference with atDNA which line its on. At 6 generations you will get most of your ancestors covered in your atDNA there may be a few that drop off the radar but for the most part— you’ll get something. However if you have two people who share a set of say 4th great grandparents you may or may not share segments although you both have DNA from them.

  2. I have been tracing the Swisher family and found that my Paternal Grandfather ,Nelson I. Swisher b.1859 d.1932 Gallia County Ohio was the Son of Mary Wheaton b.1831 in Pennsylvania d.1862 Gallia county Ohio who married Jacob Swisher 1827-1917. Mary was the Daughter of Benjamin Wheaton 1802-? and Sarah Langly 1805-1872.The trail ends there.I can find the descendants of Nelson but i cannot find anything earlier for Benjamin ,Sarah or Jacob.

  3. Hello! I have found your site for the first time today, and find it entrancing!

    I am descended from Uriah Wheaton in colonial New Jersey. His son, another ancestor, was a Revolutionary War soldier. If you’re curious, you can visit my online genealogy site:


    I am not sure from what part of the U.K. my ancestor Uriah Wheaton came from, but we have had success in following the generations after the Revolutionary War — at least in my line.

  4. hi i too my have some info that may help since i just found out that not only i’m i related to the same bowen family that alice came from but that my mothers grand mother was also related to the wheaton family lines as well i also found out that well and that each of the family trees have some of the same aunsisters as well my dads family tree if you want to see my family tree or DNA info its at ancestry web site.

  5. Have any of these DNA results provided confirmation that Mary, daughter of Robert Abell had descendants with Rev Samuel Luther? It is widely speculated that they were married, however, no solid proof has been found to my knowledge. Thank you for any assistance you may be able o offer.

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