Coat of Arms from the Warwickshire SHELDON Tapestry

Since my presentation in 2015 at the SHELDON Family Association Annual Meeting in Sacramento we have made some progress regarding SHELDON origins in England. We have confirmed that the John (8) of Pawtuxet & Providence RI, Richard (22) and Godfrey (4) SHELDON of Maine & MA indeed originate in Derbyshire, England (referred to as Group A).However the origins of the John (13) of Kingston, RI and DNA related Isaac SHELDON (5) of Windsor CT have been more elusive (referred to as Group B). GROUP B SHELDONs are not genetically related to the John (8), Richard (22) and Godfrey (4) GROUP A. Note: This means that Isaac (5) is NOT a Descendant of of the Derbyshire SHELDONs!

While not related to Group A John (13) and Isaac (5) are related to each other. In 2017 a trip to explore SHELDONs and a SHELDON place name (now called SHALDON) in Devon yielded no fruit. The early SHELDONs that lived in Devon were transplants from Warwickshire. We have the origins of TWO SHELDON villages both going back to the 12th or 13th C. These are the origins of two major (unrealted) SHELDON families, one in Derbyshire West of Bakewell and the other in Warwickshire a parish of Eastern greater Birmingham. This map shows how one might be misled as to the origins of SHELDONs. The greatest concentration is in Staffordshire which is where branches of both the Derbyshire (in north Staffs. ) and Warwickshire SHELDONs (in southern Staffs.) settled.


In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson’s Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Sheldon like this:

SHELDON, a township-chapelry in Bakewell parish, Derby; 3 miles W of Bakewell r. station. Post town, Bakewell. Acres, 1,033. Real property, £1,079. Pop., 178. Houses, 40. The manor belongs to the Duke of Devonshire. The living is a p. curacy in the diocese of Lichfield. Value, £90. Patron, the Vicar of Bakewell. The church was rebuilt in 1865. There are a Primitive Methodist chapel, and charities £15.


Ordnance Survey Map showing Bakewell, SHELDON and Monyash

SHELDON St Michael and All Saints


Domesday listing for Schelhadun now SHELDON, Derbyshire 1086 (last word 2nd row)


In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson’s Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Sheldon like this:

SHELDON, a parish, with a village, in Meriden district, Warwick; 1 mile SW of Marston-Green r. station, and 4½ SW of Coleshill. It has a post-office under Birmingham. Acres, 2,514. Real property, £4,891. Pop., 434. Houses, 90. The manor belongs to the Rev. J. W. Digby. S. Hall was formerly the seat of the Devereux family, and is now a farmhouse. The living is a rectory in the diocese of Worcester. Value, £500* Patron, G. W. Digby, Esq. The church is tolerable. There are a good library, an endowed school with £36 a year, and charities £36.

Ordnance Survey Map of SHELDON, Mackidown, Warwickshire 1834

SHELDON HALL, Sheldon, Warwickshire

SHELDON St Nicholas Church, SHELDON, Warwickshire

SHELDON St Giles Rector 1342 Nicholas de SHELDON

Ordnance Survey Map of SHELDON, Warwickshire 1886



Domesday Listing for Machitone, Mackadown now SHELDON, Warwickshire


From the Derbyshire original spelling we have Schel means to shell or scale or alternatively a shelf and hadun (Haddon) is a hill of heather (heath). Together Schel + Hadun (haddon) might mean to scale a hill of heather or a Heather covered shelf of a hill. In Bakewell we find Haddon Hall which lends some credence to this. The Warwickshire and simpler version from the Old English scylf meaning shelf + dun meaning hill.


Scelhadun 1086

Schelehaddon’ 1230

Sceladon 1250, 1272

S(c)heladon(e), Shelladon(e) c. 1250, 1262 , 1275 et passim to, 1476

Shelledon 1278

Scheudon 1282

Shellatone 1330

Sheldon 1355, 1364, 1610


Scheldon(e) 1189 et freq to, 1403

Seldon 1232, 1262

Sheldon c. 1240 et freq to, 1428

Sceldona 1247

Sheldene 1261

Scheladon 1275

Sheldone Ansel 1235

Sheldon 1250


Derbyshire & North Staffordshire SHELDONS

Warwickshire, Worcestershire & South Staffordshire SHELDONS


Sheldons prior to 1700 by E. Hortense Sheldon full text

John Sheldon of Providence by Keith M. Sheldon 1984


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