Recommended Rehoboth and Swansea Related Books


Bamberg, Cherry Fletcher FASG and Harbold, Judith Crandall. John Clarke’s World 2018 Link Here

Bicknell, Thomas W. Historical Addresses Poem and Other Exercises at the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rehoboth , Massachusetts 1894

Bliss Leonard Jr. The History of Rehoboth, Massachsetts 1836 Link here

Brackney, William H & Hartman, Charles K. Baptists in Early North America  Vol 1 Swansea, Massachusetts 2013 Available here

Bowen, Richard Le Baron, Early Rehoboth 4 Volumes 1945 Digital  Vol 1  Vol 3

Garretson, Stacey In Old Rehoboth Book II 2008 Available here

Historic Rehoboth: Record of the Dedication of Goff Memorial Hall 1886 Available here

King, Henry Melvile Rev. John Myles and the Founding of the First Baptist Church in Massachusetts 1909 Link here

Snape, Sue Ellen editor. In Old Rehoboth Book 1 1979

Tilton, Rev. George H. The History of Rehoboth, Massachsetts: Its History for 275 Years 1918 Link here

Wright, Otis Olney History of Swansea, Massachusetts, 1667-1917 1917 Link here


Bell, Horace Avery. The ABELL family in America: Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass., his English ancestry and his descendants, other Abell families and immigrants, Abell families in England link here

Best, Frank E. AMIDON Family: A Record of the Descendants of Roger Amadowne of Rehoboth, Mass Link Here

Boyer, Carl 3rd. Ancestral Lines 1981 (also a 1998 edition with 16 additional families and a 2015 Edition) Note: Over 20 Rehoboth and Swansea Families: ABELL, ALLEN, ARMINGTON, BLISS, BOWEN, BOSWORTH, BROWN, BULLOCK, CARPENTER, CHAFFEE, COOPER, CHASE, COOPER, GARDNER, HUNT, INGRAHAM, KENDRICK, LUTHER, PAINE, SLADE, TITUS, TOOGOOD, WALKER, WILMARTH, WOOD Newest edition 3rd Edition revised available here

Boyer, Carl 3rd. Medieval English Ancestors of Robert ABELL, Who Died in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, 20 June 1663, with English Ancestral Lines of other Colonial Americans 2001

Buys, Doris Palmer Walter PALMER of Charlestown and Rehoboth, Massachusetts and Stonington, Connecticut : a 400-year (1585-1985) family history 1986 Available here

Carpenter, Amos B. A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the CARPENTER Family of America 1893 Available Here

Chaffee, William H. The CHAFFE Genealogy, Embracing The Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chaffe, Chaffee Descendants Of Thomas Chaffe, Of Hingham, Hull, Rehoboth And Swansea, Massachusetts: Also Certain Lineages From Families In The United States, Canada And England, Not Descended From Thomas Chaffe, 1635-1909 Link here Vol 1 Vol 2

Dorsey, Jean Muir. Robert FULLER of Salem, Massachusetts and some of his descendants ; Benjamin Clark of Rhode Island and some of his descendants ; Peter Wright families of Rhode Island and Vermont. Link Here.

Fuller, Clarence Records of Robert FULLER of Salem and Rehoboth and some of his Descendants 1969 Link Here

Hill, William Gilbert. Family Record of Deacons James W. Converse and Elisha S. Converse 1887 Link includes WHEATON

Hodge, Harriet Woodbury. HICKS (HIX) families of Rehoboth and Swansea, Massachusetts: Some descendants of Thomas Hicks of Scituate and his son, Daniel Hicks of Scitutate and Swansea, 1640-1850 1976 Link Here

Jencks, Margaret Thomas HORTON of Milton & Rehoboth Massachusetts 1984 search inside link

Kinglsely, Sarah Mary Brown Thomas COOPER of Hingham, Norfolk, England, Hingham and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, and his descendents. 1996

Maby, Ernest. Levi FULLER of Rehoboth, Attleboro, and Sutton, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants1982

Martin, Elizabeth Puckett. Deacon John Burnham of Ipswich and Ebenezer MARTIN of Rehoboth Massachusetts 1987

Paine, Nathaniel Genealogical notes on the PAINE family of Worcester, Mass: A brief account of the founders of the Paine family of Rehoboth, Mass 1878 Link Here

Paine, Sidney Lake Stephen PAINE I, one of the founders of Rehoboth, Massachusetts 1996

Perin, Stanley Ernest. The John PERRIN family of Rehoboth, Massachusetts 1974 Link here

Rounds, H.L. Peter The John ROUND family of Swansea and Rehoboth, Massachusetts: The first six/seven generations 1983

Saxbe, Willian B. Richard BOWEN (1594?-1675) of Rehoboth , Massachusetts and His Descendants Vol 1 Generations 1-3 2011 ; Vol 2 Generation 4; Vol 3 ; vol 3 Generations 5-6 Available here Note: Includes many Rehoboth families in detail including FULLER, KENDRICK & WHEATON

Skubinna, Martin L. Genealogy of the INGRAHAM Family: From England, Massachusetts and Iowa 1986 available here

Titus, Anson The SABIN family of America: the four earliest generations. 1882 Link here

Wildley, Anna Chesebrough Genealogy of the Descendants of William CHESBOROUGH of Boston, Rehoboth, Mass: The Founder and First White Settler of Stonington, Conn., Born 1594, in or Near Boston, England, and Died 1667, Stonington, Conn. 1903 Link here

Wood, Leland L. WOOD genealogy and other family sketches : genealogical memoranda of a branch of the Wood family in England and America 1937 Link here

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