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DNA testing led to many discoveries and consolidations of lines. Jean Wheaton has documented WHEATON’s worldwide and this is her labor of love. She will be retiring her site and I am taking on the WHEATON content. Please be patient as I load links to this new site and work on getting them formatted and reorganized. Below is Jean’s introduction from the original site.



Australian WHEATONS


English/Welsh WHEATONS


One would think that all the lines in Devon were related. I did and that proved wrong. There are 5 DNA lines of WHEATONs in DEVON and all geographically and genetically distinct. I believe these were separate name adoptions in the 14C.

Channel Islands & Wales
Huntingdon& Cambridge

The Huntingdonshire/Cambridgeshire WHEATONs are the family to which Jean’s husband belongs. This particular branch began with the marriage of Thomas WHEATON to Ann SPARROW in Hilton, Huntingdonshire in 1726. For several generations the various branches of the family appear to have stayed within the two counties. However, by the mid-19th century individuals had moved to Newcastle in Northumberland, Manchester and then Liverpool in Lancashire,Fulham and later Wandsworth in London, and in particular several places in Lincolnshire particularly Kettering. More recently descendants of Thomas and Ann are also to be found in Kent, Wiltshire and Hertfordshire as well. And as seen above 4 branches immigrated to America.


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