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A Soprano’s Aria Introduction: Chapter 1

American Women’s League & Good Bye Minneapolis! A Soprano’s Aria: Chapter 2

On the Rails: Minneapolis to San Francisco: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 3

Who was on the Train? A Soprano’s Aria: Chapter 4

Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Park, Paradise? A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 5

Location, Location, Location: San Francisco A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 6

Good bye Old Year, More Joy to the New: A Soprano’s Aria Part 7

The Pen is still Mightier than the Sword: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 8

Songs That Never Grow Old: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 9

Moving Days: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 10

A Dull & Hopeless Summer: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 11

I Hereby Declare my Independence: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 12

Liberty & Butterfly Wings: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 13

Family & Fun at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 14

Faith & Fury: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 15

May Day, Bomb Bursts, & Happy Secrets: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 16

Busy as a Beaver: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 17

Back to the Heartland: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 18

A Fairy Land of Snow Embroidered Dreams: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 19

Once Seen & Heard, Never Forgotten: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 20

Amid the Company of Happy Maidens: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 21

My Soldier Boy & Divorce: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 22

The Shelter of My Big Bay Tree: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 23

Happy that the World Still Contains a Little Joy: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 24

Divorce Decree on the Grounds of Severe Cruelty: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 25

Sign of a Kind Heart: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 26

Spanish Flu Which is Epidemic: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 27

The Tea Kettle Sings Merrily. All is Calm all is Bright.: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 28

I Love you California: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 29

Music & Dressmaking, Singing as I Sew: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 30

Life in this Eden takes on a Very Serious Aspect: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 31

The Days Are Passing Swiftly by and I am One Day Nearer Home: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 32

Thank you Mrs. Fryer!: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 33

A Culmination of a Long Dream: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 34

Registered at UC Berkeley: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 35

Endings: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 36

What About Frank: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 37

1770 Collet Map of Orange County North Carolina showing MOSER & LOY locations

FTDNA Moser Project

Diana Galbadon states that Fraser’s Ridge was in the area of Boone and Blowing Rock (for Outlander Fans )
Salem is visible in both maps


A Tale of Two Soldiers

PADEN Family c.1886
Likely origins of our PADENs in Scotland
Clan Map of SCOTLAND showing our connections
Alex Williamson’s Big Tree showing surnames on the FGC42106 Branch

Paden / Pedan Family Don Paden’s website

A Tale of Two Soldiers

Pedan Paden DNA project at FTDNA we are group 9 Kit 341945

Newark Castle Scotland home of our possible match with the MAXWELL Clan

Noble Family History

History of DeKalb County, Indiana: Together with Sketches of Its Cities … – Google Books.


Alden Descendants 6th generation REMSBURG
Schifferstadt House Wiki in Frederick, MD (Brunner Homstead)


John LOY (1747-1840) was the brother of our ancestor George LOY (1743-1799) sons of the immigrant Martin LOY (1715-1799) of Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. George’s daughter, Elizabeth LOY (1769-1807) who married Nicholas MOSER (1762-1821) is our ancestor. John’s son Henry is the founder of the LOY Potters with Solomon being its most famous member. Solomon LOY would be John L. MOSER’s second cousin. John L MOSER (1800-1845) being Nicholas and Elizabeth MOSER’S son.

“The Loy Family: Pioneer Potters of the Piedmont” talk by Dr. Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton

Solomom Loy: Master Potter of the Carolina Piedmont by Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton

Solomon Loy, Alamance County, NC Redware Bowl, circa 1825-40


England & Wales market Towns and Fairs to 1516


Bill MCafee’s Family and Local History Awesome
Ireland’s History in Maps
Irish Townlands Survey

Emerging Dynasties in a Maritime World  by Cathy Swift YouTube from Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014
DNA vs The Irish Anals By Brad Larkin YouTube from Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2014 

Researching Your Irish Ancestry at Minimal Cost Maurice Gleeson
Dr. Maurice Gleeson Presentations and downloads

Irish Marriage Index Free

Irish Ancestors Marriage database
Ireland and the Slave Trade Maurice Gleeson

Irish Family History Foundation

Derry Records

Ireland Genealogy Records by Genealogy In Time Machine

1846 Old Ireland Map

Ireland Names and Surnames
Ireland Castles
Finding Your Ancestors in Catholic Parish Registers
Excavations at Elag Castle

Medieval Gaelic Sources


Clan Maps of Scotland

M222 In SW Scotland Alan Milliken

Scotland Old Maps

Scots Irish or Ulster Scots Migrationsfrom Clan Dunlop
Scotch Irish in America
Scotland Castles Map


Black Hills Gold Rush to South Dakota
Wiki Black Hills Gold Rush
Toward a New History and Geography…  Pickrell &Reich 


NEHGS How to Videos page
Photo review comparing images

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