Songs That Never Grow Old: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 9

Thu Feb 19 1914 Cloudy and sunny by turns. Heavy rain last night. Morning work done at 10:30. Will work on my crocheting before getting lunch.

Fri Cleaned up old collection of fancy work papers and served them in assorted bunches

Sat Baked white and raisin bread. Washed clothes and cleaned house. Went down town in evening and got some notions at 10¢ store. Washington’s Birthday.

Sun Jan 22 Decorated windows with T Cigar fans red white and blue. Very dull rainy and dreary. Helped Milo straighten up bed room in evening. Crocheted a little basket for Lolitas birthday.

Mon Beautiful day. Every one out but me it seems. Washingtons Birthday celebration at the Fair Grounds. In afternoon Albert and I went out to Fair Grounds. Cost us 90¢. Saw big buildings in process of erection. Had a lovely time. Went aboard the torpedo boat destroyers one of which was stationed in the bay at the fair dock or wharf or what ever they call it. The weather was superb after so many storms. We picked out way among the rocks and puddles and piles of building materials and had to watch the progress of our feet most of the time but the view of the bay and surroundings was most beautiful. Come home in time to get supper and hurry Albert off to work. Uncle came a while and praised my cake. He always finds something to praise. A fine old man is Wm Pettie. Must make up folding bed and retire. Received nice long letters from the children at home.

Tue Feb 24 Spent the day in ordinary duties. Went down to Emporium after cloak which was on the way out in det. wagon. Went in to Hales and got pattern for my new Challis [fabric], Allie gave me.

Wed 25 Baked bread crocheted new Irish lace edge (not very well).

Thur 26 Spent quiet day at usual occupations. Wrote to children. Beautiful weather. Sunny and bright.

Friday Feb 27, 1914 In the morning, Lolita tardy to school. Came back with yeast to bake with. Got letter from Grandmother Mosier. After noon received letters from Goldie Mathews and Agness Davey, the later to Albert. Goldie sends I’d like to live in Loveland with a girl like you. Pleasant to get a letter from her.

Sat Feb 28 Last day of old Feb. Did a wash and usual cleaning. Went down town with F.S. Gloomy experience. Slow burst after returning.

Sun, March 1, 1914 Beautiful weather. Stayed home all day. Furious altercation with old boy who calmed down and got quite tame. In evening writing to Newmans sending Drs. Certificate w count.

Mon Mar 2 Sunny and cool. Bought “Songs that never Grow Old” 79¢ with 6 ex. Coupons. Received letter from Mother, Jessie and Goldie. Will ans. at once. Mailed letter.

Songs that Never Grow Old

Tues Mar 3 Beautiful sunny day. Made over Eilenes coat for Lolita. The one May Ringberg gave her in Minneapolis.

Wed Mar 4 Lolitas birthday. 13 years old. I gave her a crocheted basket. Allie 1.00 r.a. 25¢ Baked 8 loaves bread. Got letters from children.

Thu New day of promise. May it end as well as it began. Children off to their schools.

Fri 6 [splot] Chrocheted first button cover. It is for [splot] Lolit[splot]s coat out of blue silk thread. This fountain pen either feeds to fast or not-at-all. What is the ans? A new one.

Sat Nov 8 1914 Usual cleaning with a big washing throwed in. Shopped, or rather marketed on Haight st in the evening. Fought fleas until a late hour. Milo visited the Lurline baths.

Lurline Baths

Sun Went to the Band stand in Golden Gate park and enjoyed the music. Sun very hot. Crowd immense. Saw 3 pairs of twins. F.S. went out on his first house hunting expedition. Walked miles and found nothing. Albert at the Portola. Beautiful spring weather. Shrubbery in the park in full bloom.

Rhododendrons in Bloom Golden Gate Park

Mar 9 Monday baked bread and did ordinary housework. Got Lolitas and Milos sleeves fixed $1.35. So soon after buying new ones. Cooler today. Got letters from the children at Minneapolis. Also Mrs. Newman

Mar 10 Cooler and fair. Ordinary housework and duties. All well and – happy –

Mar 11 Ironed. Pressed Lolitas coat. Housework and so forth. That –don’t—look night. Made a crochet medallion in the afternoon. Colder. Eclipse of moon.

S.F. Examiner 11 March 1914

Mar 12 Got 20 lb of sugar for 1 and $1.50 100 lbs potatoes for 1.50. Prices are lowering a little. Baked bread late in evening on account of late delivery of flour. Letter to Lolita from Pearl Whitney.

Friday Mar 13 Said to be an unlucky day. Opened up fair and sunny. Splitting headache. Underwood typewriter delivered to the house for Alberts use.

Sat. Mar 14 Washed clothes. Beautiful sunny day. Mended stocking s all afternoon. F came home in evening to supper with his weeks wages. V. N. Uncle came up. Just missed Albert who had gone to work. F went to about a plummers job. didn’t get.

Sun Mar 15 Baked a big batch of bread. Uncle praised the bread and fine flavored home cooking. Quiet uneventful day.

Mon Mar 16 Got letters from Goldie, Jessie, Mother, and Mrs. Newman who sent Franks sick benefit dated from Jan 28 which is a mistake which amounted to $9.90. Will have Leo look into it. Ironed, fussed with flowers in front-yard. Bought shirts.

Tue 17 Went down town and exchanged shirts. Ordered gas pipes tested for leaks. (Hot. 86)

Wed 18 Continued beautiful sunny weather. Easter vacation for the school. Albert working Wed, Thu, Fri for Dolans.

Thu 19 Ordinary duties. Cooler. Sewed. Helped Mrs. Ross get black silk shirt. Also Edith with her rose silk waist.

Fri 20 Made Lolitas middy out of Allie’s white waist coat. Made red silk tie out of muffler.

Sat 21 Washed cleaned. Tired out. M.F.

Sun 22 Vio: ero . fam. cir denies act repudiates my statements. Insulting treatment. Quiets down. Uncles comes up. Peaceful eve. [perhaps Latin for Violence: A familiar circle of love]

Mon 23 Albert and I go out to Beach. Albert leaves for Stockton in eve. Frank is at the ferry and we come home together after buying him a pair of shoes and 2 pr brown socks.

Tue 24 Bough Milo a new suit at SN. Woods. $6.00

Mar 25 Got letter from Allie. Started Butterfly. baked. [Butterfly is a 1914 Novel by Henry Kitchell Webster]

Plate from Novel “Butterfly” by Henry Kitchell Webster

Thu 26 Got letter from Jessie and Mother. Finished Butterfly. (crochet)

Fri 27 Broke spectacles, both lens. Washed; fine weather.

Sat 28 Sent lodge dues to Newman. Baked bread cleaned house. Spent eve at home. Rained all night.

Sun 29 Went down to see house with Frank. Nice car ride. House no good.

Mon 30 Got letter from Albert. He’s doing well in Stockton. I am turning Deweys old coat for Milo to wear to school. Some rain. Cool. Loaned Mrs. Ross pattern.– Jessie is 21 today

Mar 31 Very quiet uneventful day. Wrote to Albert and Mother. Cold.

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