Walter De Widene 13th C Deed.


Origin of the Surname Wheaton by Kelly Wheaton

Ancestry’s Wheaton Surname Origins This includes handy information on US and English Distribution of Wheaton families as well as listings for Wheaton arrivals in the United States.

Wheaton Family Genealogy Forum Good Archived Message Board for Wheaton

Wheaton Illinois and Wheaton-Aston England sister Cities

Edward Henry Wheadon from Guernsey who died on the Titanic


Thomas Wheaton United Empire Loyalist by Marilyn Wheaton Keller
The attached article, “Thomas Wheaton, United Empire Loyalist”, is an original piece of research done by Marilyn (Wheaton) Keller. If you would like to quote this information you may do so for personal purposes, but I request you cite both Marilyn (Wheaton) Keller as author and The White Fence, Newsletter of the Tantramar Heritage Trust, Issue No. 89, February 2020, Boultenhouse Heritage Centre, Sackville, NB,  in published works. This work is copyrighted.

Middle Sackville Baptist Church from Swansea MA to Middle Sackville NB.

Wheatons in New Brunswick

Wheaton’s Point, New Brunswick


Wheaton Arrivals in the US
Arrival DatePortGiven NameBirthdateNotes



1850San FranciscoK.

1851 Nov 8NYThomas1821w. Cath
1851San FranciscoW.R.

1853 Mar 3NYJames1831
1853 May 13NYJohn1830
1854 May 20NYCathe1834
1854 Nov 21NYDr.1836
1854 Dec 2NYJohn1826w. May or Mary
1856 Nov 11NYElita1838
1859 Nov 21NYJohn1830w. Cath
1860 May 28NYSimon1835
1860San FranciscoW.

1862 Jul 3NYThomas1842
1868 Oct 5NYJames1844w. Mary
1869 Jun 7NYJohn1845
1875 Aug 19NYHenry1847
1875 Dec 13NYWm G1840w. Julia c. Mary, Ada
1880 Aug 23NYRichard1856
1883 29 MayNYMargaret1855
1886 Mar 6NYJohn1849
1886 July 16NYDr. Rev. Henry1855
1887 July 15NYMrs. N1856
1891 Oct 19NYJoseph Issac1861 1863Laborer Butcher Destination PA
1900 Jun 7NYThomas1862
1935 May 3NY (via Nova Scotia)Samuel Alger Sydney Prophet1911 Devonport 1886 Milford HavenShip’s Crew

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 16 Number 2630 Date October 7 1857 County Charlotte Place Saint Andrews Newspaper St. Andrews Standard                                                                                                                                         died. Bocabec (Charlotte Co.) 4th inst., age 76, John WHEATON, formerly Draper and Grocer of Newton – Poleford, Devonshire, England.

History of Wheaton College, Norton, MA

History of Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton College 150 Year History  Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton Van Lines

Wheaton Lodge in Forest City, Maine

Wheaton Glass / Wheaton Village Millville, New Jersey

Woodie Wheaton Land Trust
in Maine

Wheaton Mountain, Idaho

Wheaton Brace Company, Illinois

Wheaton Springs, San Bernardino, California

Wheaton Farm, now Salt Springs State Park in Franklin Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania


Rehoboth, Massachsetts

First Baptist Church of Swansea History

Old Rehoboth Cemeteries

Old Rehoboth (now Rumford, Rhode Island) Walking Tour

Link to Old 1775 Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Oakdale Farms Country Store on Wheaton Ave. in Rehoboth MA adjacent the original Robert Wheaton property.

Interactive Map of Rehoboth area

Wheaton Cemetery Swansea MA Plot Map courtesy of Joe Lavigne (copyright Joe Lavigne)


First 6 Generations from Robert Wheaton

Conjectures on The Origin of Robert WHEATON

First Baptist Church of Swansea History

Old Rehoboth Cemeteries

Old Rehoboth (now Rumford, Rhode Island) Walking Tour

Oakdale Farms Country Store on Wheaton Ave. in Rehoboth MA adjacent the original Robert Wheaton property.

Interactive Map of Rehoboth area

Swansea Cemetery Map copyright 1996 Joe Lavigne (Shared with permission)



Well here is a plausible answer and it does not depend on Non Paternal Events. I looked back at the earliest records we have for WHEATONs (& Hancock) in Devon. I have added all possible spellings although some may be totally unrelated. Surprisingly there are no WHIDDONs which later show up as a prominent family in Chagford. You can see that there are clusters by spelling and locale which may account very the different DNA signatures.

List of Earliest Records

1327 Waltero de Wheddene CODECOMBE (Cutcombe , Somerset adjacent Wheddon Cross))
1332 Thomas de Whitton, South Molton
1288, 1298, 1302-20 Roger Le Whetene  aka Roger Bevyn le Wheten,  Mayor of  Exeter 
1332 Gilbert le Wetene Exeter
1332 William Wetedene, Abbotskerwell
1332 William Whetene,  Halberton
1376 Alexander Leygh aka Alexander Wheton, Tiverton
1367 John Whetene, Mayor of Dartmouth
1332 Roger atte Wettene, Newton St. Petrock
1332 William Whetena,  Woolfardisworthy
1332 Simeon Wadeyn, Bradworthy
1332 Richard Waddon, Colyton
1332 Roger de Wadetun, Berre Ferrers
1332 Roger de Weydon,  Meshaw
1332 Robert Wytoun South Taunton, (near Widdon Down)1332 Robert de Wottone, Exeter
Just so you understand my thinking I have included any name:
That begins with “W” or “Wh”, any vowel next, followed by a “t,” “tt,” “d” or “dd,” another vowel, and an “n


Screen shot of WHEATON GOOGLE MAP click on link above to zoom in and out

Thumb tack icons are DNA test proven.

Colors may change with more DNA results or other information, they are somewhat arbitrary.

Shropshire Union Canal Wheaton Aston Bridge Number 18, Lapley, Stretton and Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire

Wheaton Chest Tomb Adjacent to the East End of the Chancel of the Church of St Winifred, Branscombe, Devon

Wheaton Chest Tomb Approximately 3 Metres South of Chancel of Church of St Michael, Farway, Devon

Wheaton Ledger Stone About 9m East of the Porch of the Church of St. Ida, Ide, Devon

Boundary Stone, Weeton and Rigton Parishes, Weeton, North Yorkshire

North Wheddon Farmhouse, Cutcombe, Somerset

1841 UK CENSUS for Wheaton Wheadon & WheatleyWheaton Illinois and Wheaton-Aston England sister Cities

Wheaton-Aston, Staffordshire Wikipedia

J.B. Wheaton Transport in Chard, Somerset

P.H. Wheaton Farms Braintree, Essex

Wetton, Staffordshire

Weeton Becs, Northamptonshire

Wetton, Derbyshire

Weeton, Lancashire Wikipedia

Eagle and Child Pub, Weeton

Weeton, Lancashire: Haunting

Weeton, North Yorkshire Wikipedia

Weeton, East Riding of Yorkshire Wikipedia

Watton, Norfolk Wikipedia

Weeton Farms, Harrogate


Mayors of Exeter
Mayors of Exeter from The History of the City of Exeter by Rev. George Oliver 1861

Roger Whetene or Roger le Whetene mayor of Exeter, Devon England for the years: 1303, 1304, 1307, 1309, 1320 and same person different name Roger Bevyn 1305, 1306, 1309, 1318

Roger le Wetheyn in 1360

Exeter Freeman 1298-1761

Extracted from Exeter Freeman 1266-1967 by Margery Rowe and Andrew M. Jackson c. 1973 and others.

1298 John De Wreiford of Bovey at instance of Roger Le Whetene steward in the 24th year

1323 MC Roll 16-17 Edward II Sept 19 Gilbert Le Whetene at instance of Richard de Ottery, clerk of the castle

1346 John Le Whetene, junior of Morton Fine of 1 ₤

1584 Aug 2 Richard Wheaton, Merchant, App if Nichloas Spicer still in Exeter in 1609

1598 Jan 30 Peter Collton, merchant, apprentice Richard Wheaton

1609 Sept 3 Otto Wheaton, Merchant, son of Peter Wheadon

1658 Aug 30 Roger Michell, cordwainer, apprentice of Gilbert Wheaton

1695 Dec 2 Peter Wheadon, Locksm, App of Walter Sparke

1701 Roll Freeman 1701-1710 and Mayor’s Court Book

1695-1703 Dec 15 Thomas Wheadon, Barber, Fine of 1 ₤ 1S 6d having served 7 years apprenticeship with John Macy, Barber, 11 Dec 1701 AB 1684-1731

1734 ROF 1731-1734 & MCB 1727-1758 Dec 2 John Wheadon, Apprentice of John Halstaffe Locksmith

1741 ROF 1740-1741 AND MCB 1727—1758 Thomas Wheadon, Barber by order of Mayor and Council

1747 Peter Wheadon, Barber, son of Peter Wheadon LSmith

1761 John Wheaton, Glover, App of John Suanders

Eight Hundred Years of Exeter’s Mayors and Lord Mayors

1302 Roger Beynim (Roger le Whetene) – a dispute arose between Mayor and people of the city, and tenants of the Lord of Kenton and Wyke, who refused to pay Murage for their wares and merchandises. Murage was a tax for repairing the walls.
1303 Roger Wheaton (Roger Beyvin) – Wheaton decreed that persons who set up for Lammas Fair before the appointed time had to answer to the Mayor.
1304 Roger Wheaton

Dartmouth Mayors

1353 -John Wetene or Roger De Pole
1367 -John Whetene

Devon Lay Subsidy of 1332

Extracted from The Devon Lay Subsidy of 1332 by Audrey M Erskine Torquay 1969

Gilbert De Wottone 12d Torbryan with Denbury

Roger atte Wettene 12d Newton St. Petrock

William Whetena 12d Woolfardisworthy

Roger de Weydon 18d Meshaw

William Whetene 8d Halberton

Gilbert le Wetene 12d Exeter

Devon Subsidy Rolls 1524-7

Extracted from Devon Subsidy Rolls 1524-7 by T.L. Stoate 1979
G= Goods
W= Wages

40Kentibeare1525William Whett?W1
48Tiverton1525Chritopher WheteG10
48Tiverton1525John Whete alienW1 2/3
62Crediton1525William WhetW1
7Clyst Honiton1525Alexander WhetonG8
9Rockbeare1525John WhetonW1
41Payhembury1525William WheatonW1
43Thorverton1525Peter WheatonG7
58Newton St. Cyres1525John Wheton sen.G15
58Newton St. Cyres1525John Wheton jun.G2
69Pinhoe1525Alex WhetonG13 1/3
69Pinhoe1525Nicholas Wheton delete in 1524W1
71Poltimore1525Roger WhetonG13 1/3
71Poltimore1525Raymond WhetonW1
71Poltimore1525John Wheton delete in 1524W1
79Heavitree1524Elena Wheton wid. & HenryG3
79Heavitree1525Henry WhetonqG3
79Heavitree1525Nicholas WheatonW1
80Heavitree, St. Leonard’s1525Peter WhetonW1
 St. Leonard’s1525Peter Wheton    W1
81Brod Clyst1525John WhetonW1
82Clyst Hydon1525John WhetonG2 2/3
  Whimple1525 John Wheton W1
219Ide1525William WhettonG4
Devon Muster Roll 1569

Extracted from Devon Muster Roll 1569
by A.J. Howard and T. L. Stoate 1977

6HarquebusiersLittlehamRichard Wheaton
9ArcherEast BudleighRichard Wheaton
15PikemanBrode ClystJohn Wheaton
16HarquebusiersClyst HydonWilliam Wheaton
18G7 (Coliton Biffore)BranscombeJohn Wheaton
19PikemanBranscombeGeorge Wheaton
19PikemanBranscombeJohn Wheaton
19PikemanBranscombeEllice Wheaton
391 cros, 1 pike, 1 bow, 1 sharrKentibereAndrew Wheaton
86ArcherHeavitreeWilliam Wheaton
87PikemanHeavitreeRichard Wheaton
87BillmenHeavitreeJohn Wheaton sen.
116G7, 1 harquebusier, archerEggesfordeAndrew Wheaton
140HarquebusiersWoolfardisworthyThomas Wheaton
249BillmenExeter CityThomas Wheaton
Devon Taxes 1581-1660

Extracted from Devon Taxes 1581-1660 by T.L. Stoate, c1988


Eggisfordi Andrew Wheton G 8

Branscombe John Wheaton L1

Lympston Richard Wheaton L1

Sydmouth (Sidmouth) Edward Wheton G3

Talleton Nicholas Wheaton G 5

Heavitree Elizabeth Wheaton G 5


Alphington Alice Weaton

Devon: Tudor Exeter the Subsidy of 1586

Extracted from  Tudor Exeter Tax Assessments 1489-1595 by Margery M. Rowe c.1977

pg 71
Subsidy of 1586
Parish of St.Petrock
Richard Wheton  in goods £ 5 5s

pg 75
Subsidy of 1593/5
Parish of St. Kerrian
Richard Wheaton  in goods £ 5

Maritime Survey of Devon 1619-35

Extracted form Early Stuart Mariners and Shipping: The Maritime Surveys of Devon and Cornwall, 1619-35 by OTdd Gray c. 1990 Devon & Cornwall Record Society New Series, Vol 33

Peter Wheaton[n] age 30 Sailor
Edward Wheaton age 24 Sailor
William Wheaton age 22 Fisherman

Richard Wetton/Wheaton Mariner arrived with a woman , a child & 2 servants Recommended by Mr. Hall Arrivals at Port Rosway 1783 Nova Scotia.


Wheaton, William, Shipwright


WHEATON, John 12 Jan 1834


WHEATON Charles 9 Oct 1863

WHEATON James 5 Apr 1859


Charles WHEATON  	U	17 	M	Winkleigh, Devon, England	Boy 1 Cl
Thomas HANCOCK U 21 M Devonport, Devon, England A B


HANCOCK, Albert John 5 Jul 1887

Register of Shipping 1864-1872

‘Stag’ 65484, sailing vessel, brigantine, built at Dartmouth in 1871, title owned by Mary Ann Collier, Nicholas Wheaton.

Register of Shipping 1872-1881

‘Ripple’ 71867, sailing vessel, schooner, built at Dartmouth in 1875. Registry closed 26th June 1888 when vessel sold to Portuguese owners. Title owned by George Wheaton, Thomas Squires, John Morrish.

Jane Wheaton’ 45189, sailing vessel, brigantine, built at Rye, Sussex in 1863. Vessel went ashore near Fraserburg on 18th June 1887 and was wrecked. Certificate returned and cancelled. Registry closed 29th June 1887. Title owned by William Varwell, William Williams Varwell.

‘Azalea’ 81407, sailing vessel, smack, built at Brixham in 1879. Owner advised Vessel sold for breaking up 21st August 1911. Certificate cancelled and Registry closed 22nd August 1911. Title owned by George Coombes, George C Jordain, Samuel Elliott, Elizabeth Wheaton.

‘Elsie’ 93856, sailing vessel, cutter, built at Brixham in 1887. Vessel broken up. Certificate returned and cancelled and Registry closed 5th November 1903. Title owned by Rhoda Wheaton.

‘Jubilee’ 93862, sailing vessel, ketch, built at Galmpton, Devon in 1887. Vessel destroyed by fire at Tenby 8th July 1902. Certificate destroyed in fire. Registry closed 28th July 1902. Title owned by Jeffery Drew, James Winsor Wheaton, Samuel Willard Richards, Ada Chater, Rosa Callender, Laura Sophia Chater, William Blackler.

‘Amethyst’ 96434, sailing vessel, cutter, built at Galmpton in 1889. Registry closed 18th February 1915. Title owned by Samuel James Snell Hayden, George Symons, William Goyder, William George Hannaford, Jane Wheaton Decent.

‘Mignonette’ 96436, sailing vessel, cutter converted to ketch 25th January 1892, built at Brixham in 1889. Vessel transferred to Port of Penzance. Certificate not given up. Registry closed 17th July 1899. Title owned by George Gardner, James Winsor Wheaton, Henry Summers.

‘Vesper’ 99280, sailing vessel, smack, built at Brixham in 1892. Vessel wrecked near Babbicombe 12th December 1902. Certificate lost with vessel. Registry closed 24th December 1902. Title owned by Joseph John Knight, William Winsor, John Hawkings Bovey, James Winsor Wheaton.

Register of Shipping 1881-1894

‘Fry It’ 109296, sailing vessel, ketch. built Brixham 1898. Certificate cancelled and registry closed 25th March 1936, ship broken up at Brixham. Owners, Richard James Brokenshire, George Tyrer and Jane Wheaton – joint mortgage, Herietta Rennels, Arthur James Waller.


All the orphan boys named below were formerly the sons of seamen and many went on to become seamen themselves.

Wheaton Adams (Age 13) Brixham Albert

Devon Protestation Returns 1641

Extracted  from Devon Protestation Returns 1641 by A.J. Howard T.L. Sloat 1973

Pg Parish Name, Name

17 Bickleigh, Robert Wheaton

56 Tiverton, Richard Wheaton

56 Tiverton, Roger Wheaton

56 Tiverton, Roger Wheaton

97 Iddlesleigh, Edward Wheaton

169 Sandford, Thomas Wheaton

283 Kingswear, Robert Wheaton

290 Mary Church, Edward Wheaton

300 North Bovey, William Wheaton

315 Heavitree, Roger Wheaton

329 St. Mary Steps, Exeter, Gilbert Wheaton

338 Trinity Exeter, William Wheaton

364 Topsham, John Wheaton

428 Chawleigh, Giles Wheaten

429 Coldridge, George Wheaton

429 Brushford, Andrew Wheaton

431 Nymet Rowland, Andrew Wheaton

?     Chudleigh, Edward Wetan

Devon Parishes Where Wheatons lived 1500-1700

(from IGI Parish Registers)

Bickleigh: 2 the rest Whiddon

Branscombe: Many

Barnstaple:  Englysh Wyttn married Wylliam Mark 19 Apr 1540

Brixham: 2 Wheatons the rest Whiddons

Chumleigh: 1 Wheaton marriage

Clyst St. George: Otho and his descendants

Colyton: 2 marriages

Coldridge: 12 entries 1598-1640

Exeter: many, most in Saint Sidwells

Exminister: 2 in the 1500’s

Feniton: Many mid 1600’s-1800’s

Heavitree: 3 in 1660, 1671, 1686

Honiton: 1 in 1566, the rest in 1800’s

Lapford 6 1664-1786

Kenn: 1 Richard born to Otho 2 Aug 1613

Ottery St. Mary: Many 1650-1797

Otterton: 4 sons of Edri Wheaton born 1620-28

Pancrasweek: Many

Plymouth St. Andrew: 4 Wheaton marriages, Whiddons

Sidmouth: Many

Sowton: 1 entry 1564

Shillingford St. George: 2 Wheatons 1586 & 1591

Topsham: A few

Tiverton: Mostly late 1600’s

Winkleigh: Many

Withycombe Raleigh: A few

Woodbury: Most in 1700’s

The following parishes have Wills or Administrations but I have no Parish Register info:






Wheaton Book Sellers Exeter

Wheaton Publishers Exeter

Wheaton Motors Taw Valley Garage Chumleigh, Devon

Devon Local History Resources

Some old Devon Churches

Link to Images of Branscombe, Devon This site can be used to look at many locales in the UK.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2020. All RIghts Reserved.


  1. Sorry I can’t participate in the DNA project, as I’m a Rea, but I am a direct descendant of Nicholas Wheaton of Branscombe, Devon, England and his mother Johanne Ruug. Finding either of them in any search engine has proven fruitless, so far. Nicholas was born in 1505, his mother in 1480, both in Branscombe. Nicholas’s son, also named Nicholas, was born in Branscombe in 1530 and may have been either an immigrant ancestor to Massachusetts, or the father of my Wheaton immigrant.

      • Thanks. I have seen Thomasin Palfry, married to John Wheaton (1557-1596). I have the Palfry line back to Thomasin’s father, John. John and Thomasin’s son Christopher was born in either England or Rhode Island. My Wheatons, from Christopher’s son Robert onward were living in America. The most recent of them was Tabitha Wheaton (1687-1737), daughter of Jeremiah and wife of Benjamin Fuller (descendant of the Mayflower Fullers).

      • Can you email me. a4est42 at gmail dot com We have no proof that Christopher was one of Robert’s son’s and until someone (surnamed WHEATON) from that line does a DNA test we will not show if he is a relative or not.

    • Hi Gary – my mother was a Rea, her grandfather John Rea arriving in New Zealand 1872. He was descended from the Reas of Ballynahinch, County Down, N Ireland. If you share similar connections please email me on warrensearell@hotmail.com. Chhers, Warren Searell.

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