Origins of Early Rehoboth Families

Rehoboth Clam Bake 1910

c1910 Rehoboth Clam Bake

This page is subject to revision. Please send additions and corrections. It aims to briefly “suggest” origins for early Rehoboth families. Some never lived in Rehoboth only owning property there or lived their briefly. Some of these differ from published genealogies or offer more than one possibility. Baptisms (bpt.) are via Free Reg Parish Registers or printed Parish Registers not speculation. They do not prove a relationship but suggest places for more inquiry. Ample consideration is being given that those traveling on the same ship together are likely leaving from a geographic area and not scattered willy-nilly across the Isles. There is often an association with clergy that precipitates or accompanies the immigration. Most of the arrival dates are from the Great Migration Project. Those with an * asterisk were Baptists (or Baptist sympahizers) Y DNA in Brackets

Robert ABELL bc 1605 left from London ar.1630 of Hemington, Leicestershire [I-M253]
John ALLEN* bc 1610 ar.1635 ‘Abigail‘ son of George [R-BY38474]
George ALLEN* Sr. bc 1585 ar.1635 ‘Abigail‘ poss. m. 7 Sep 1605 to Margaery SHEARMAN St Mary & All Saints Chesterfield, Derby [R-BY38474]
Ralph ALLIN* bc 1617 ar.1635 ‘Abigail<‘ son of George [R-BY38474]
Roger AMADOWNE (AMIDON) poss bpt 21 Feb 1607 Roger son of Phillip ANIDOWNE Ringwood, Hampshire [I-Y10700]
Jacob BARNEY* bc 1601 ar.1633 poss son of Edward and Isabelle (ROOLE) BARNEY of Bradenham, Buckinghamshire [I-P37]
William BARTRAM bc 1625
Edward BENNETT bc 1600 ar.1635-6 poss bpt 13 Oct 1594 Edward BENNIT son of Rob. BENNIT at St. Michael, Othery, Somerset
Rev. William BLACKSTONE (BLAXTON) b. 5 Mar 1595 Gibside, Whickham, Durham son of John and Agnes (Hawkley) BLACKSTONE bpt. at Horncastle, Lincolnshire ar. 1623
William BLANDING bc 1611 bpt poss April 16, 1611 Upton on Severn, Worcester ar. 1640
Thomas BLISS bc 1588 Daventry, Northampton m. 22 Nov 1614 Daventry, Northampton to Dorothy WHEATLEY
Jonathan BLISS poss bpt 2 Apr 1626 Daventry, Northampton son of Thomas and Dorothy (WHEATLIE) BLISS
Jonathan BOSWORTH bc 1613 ar. 1633
Richard BOWEN * bc 1594 ar. by 1640 [G-M201]
John BROWNE bc 1608 ar.1635 ‘Defence’ sworn Baddow, Essex (tailor)
William BUCKLAND (BUCKLIN) bpt.30 Nov 1606, son of John and Katherine (KERSLADE) BUCKLAND at Branscombe, Devon ar. 1634 Parents m. at Branscombe 30 June 1605
Richard BULLOCK * bc 1622 ar. 1635 ‘Elizabeth‘ poss. bpt. 23 Oct 1624 Richard BULLOCKE son of Edward at St. Andrew Backwell, Somerset [R1b-BY100139]
Henry BUTTERWORTH bpt. 28 Feb 1601/2 Henry BUTTERWORTH son of Henry and Ephan (HILELEY) BUTTERWORTH Halifax, York
Nicholas CAMPE bpt 10 Jan 1606 Nicholas CAMPE son of John and Mary (GORE) CAMPE, Nazeing, Essex [R-BY121063]
William CARPENTER* bc 1600 poss Somerset or Wiltshire m. 28 Apr 1625 Abigail BRIANT at Shalbourne, Wiltshire ar. 1638 ‘Bevis[R-BY146444]
William CHAFFEE bc 1613 poss bpt. 10 Sep 1609 William CHAFIE son of William CHAFIE Holy Trinity, Long Sutton, Somerset
William CHEESBOROUGH bpt 22 Jun 1594 as Wm Cheisbrugh at Tattershall, Lincoln m 15 Dec 1620 Boston, Lincoln to Ann STEVENSON Ar. 1630 ‘Arabella
James CLARK ar. 1637 ‘Hector’
Thomas CLIFTON bc 1606 poss bpt. 23 Feb 1605/06 son of Thomas and Amye CLIFTON at All Saints Dickleburgh, Norfolk
John COOKE ar. 1620 ‘Mayflower
Thomas COOPER < bc 1603 ar. 1638 ‘Diligent‘ poss bpt. 8 Feb 1606/7 son of Robert COOPER of St. Andrew Hingham, Norfolk
John DOGGETT ar. 1630 poss bpt. 13 Jan 1609/10, John son of Thomas and Elizabeth (STEVENS) DOGGETT St. Mary Portbury, Somerset who m. there 3 Oct 1608; ar. 1630
Thomas DUNN bc 1610 ar. 1635 ‘Defence‘ poss bpt 9 Feb 1610 Thomas DUNNE son of Jane DUNNE at Bassingham, Lincoln
John EDDY * bc 1597 ar. 1630
John FITCH bc 1624 ar. 1635 ‘Defence‘ (also a James FITCH on board) poss bpt 8 April 1621 son of Zacarie and Marie FITCH at Abbey Saint Albans, Hertford
Robert FULLER bc 1615 poss. ar. 1638 ‘Bevis‘. Poss. bpt 23 Feb 1608 Robert son of Thomas FULLER at St. Mary Chemsford, Kent (of note this family includes siblings of Robert: Elizabeth d.y., John d.y., Samuel, Benjamin which were also the given names of Robert’s children.) [R-Y98567]
Henry GARNSEY poss. b. 9 may 1587 Bath, Somerset
John GARNSEY* son of above.
Edward GILLMANposs bpt 26 Dec 1617 Edward son of Edward GILLMAN of Hingham, Norfolk ar. 1638
Edward HALL bc 1611 [R-BY95235}
Richard HAILE bc 1640
William HAMMOND bpt 30 Oct 1575 William HAMMOND son of Thomas and Rose (TRIPPE) HAMMOND at Lavenham, Suffolk, ar. 1631
John HAZZELL bc 1603 poss bpt 1606 unnamed son of John HAZZELL Chew Stoke, Somerset
Ephraim Sr. HICKS* (HIX) bc 1665
Thomas HITT
Thomas HOLBROOKE bpt 1 Mar 1599, Thomas HOLBROKE son of Thomas and Jane (POWYES) HOLBROOKE Broadway, Somerset ar. 1636 ‘Mary & John’ [T-L454]
Obadiah HOLMES* b 18 March 1609/10 Didsbury, Lancashire, England
Thomas HORTON* bc 1650 link
Peter HUNT bc 1620 poss in the area of Lee, Beaconsfield and Agmondsham, Bucks
Nicholas IDE poss bpt 31 Oct 1621 Nichlaos IDE son of John IDE, Woolavington, Sussex, England.
Richard INGRAHM bc 1595
Robert JONES
George KENDRICK bc 1609 ar. 1636 ‘James
John KINGSLEY* poss bpt 22 May 1603 Hadleigh, Suffolk Or bc 1614 Hampshire
Thomas LORING bc 1600 ar 1635 poss. bpt 2 Dec 1598 Winsham, Somerset son of William LOREING
Samuel LUTHER*
Robert MARTIN* bpt 9 Jun 1609 Colyton, Devon, son of Richard Martin OR bpt. 25 Apr 1597 St. Mary the Virgin Batcombe, Somerset, son of Christopher MARTIN ar.1636 ‘Mary & John’ [R-FGC20764]
Richard MARTIN* bpt 22 Nov 1609 Ottery St Mary, Devon son of Richard Martine [R-FGC20764]
Abraham MARTIN ar.1636 ‘Mary & John’ (older bro. of Robert) [R-FGC20764]
Sampson MASON bpt 6 Dec 1624 Bolton, Lancashire m. 9 Mar 1650 Mary BUTTERWORTH [I-M223]
John MATTHEWS poss bpt 14 Apr 1611 St Mary Monacute, Somerset son of William MATTHEWS
Vincent & John MEGGS bpt 29 Jan.1612/3 John the son of Vincent & Em Maggs Chardstock, Dorset liv. Axminster, Devon
John MILLARD* bc 1608 (cousin to Thomas ar. 1637 ‘Hector<‘) Thomas Milllard his cousin is shown to be from Coughton, Warwick. John believed to be the son of John MILLWARD, the father was baptized 7 Sep. 1571 St Martin Birmingham, Warwick. Possible bpt 17 Mar 1606/7 son of John MILLARD Combe Hay, Somerset; Thomas MILLARD bpt 16 Jul 1603 Combe Hay, Somerset [R-BY65966]
John MYLES b. 10 May 1602 Samuel NEWMAN son of Richard NEWMAN, Banbury, Oxford
Richard ORMSBEE (ORMSBY)* poss bpt 31 Aug 1606 Richard ORMSBIE son of Thomas ORMSBIE, All Saints Theddlethorpe, Lincoln
Walter PALMER bc 1589 ar. 1629 ‘Four Sisters’
Edward PATTESON bc 1602 ar. 1635 ‘Christian’
Stephen PAYNE (PAINE) bpt. 1 Feb 1602 Great Ellingham, Norfolk, England son of Dann & Margaret PAINE; ar. 1638 ‘Diligent’
Nicholas PECK
Joseph PECK bc 1587 Beccles, Suffolk son of Robert & Helen PECK; ar. 1638 ‘Diligent’
John PERRIN bc poss ar. 1635 ‘Safety‘ poss bpt. 19 Jul 1601 Bideford, Devon son of John PERRIN
Anthony PERRY bc 1615 poss Devon OR poss bpt. 26 Apr 1626 St. Thomas Salisbury, Somerset son of Anthony PERRY
Capt Michael PIERCE* poss bpt. 25 Sep 1624 Michael PEIRCE son of Michael PEIRCE, St. Michael Minehead, Somerset
Nicholas PULLEN bpt 14 Aug 1683 Nicholas PULLEN son of John and Anstis (DABNEY) PULLEN Widworthy, Devon,
John READ (READE REED) ar. 1635 ‘Defence
James REDWAIE(REDWAY) bc 1618 servant to William BLANDING
Zachary RHOADES poss bpt 11 Aug 1622 Zacharia RODES son of Jeremia RODES at Alstonfield, Stafford (Zachary’s first son Named Jeremiah\
Robert ROUND* bc 1620 poss bpt. 19 May 1617 Robert ROWNDE son of Ricardi ROWNDE at Eynesford, Kent
William SABIN poss bpt 13 Aug 1612 William SABIN son of William SABIN Durnford, Wiltshire [R-FT150694]
Edward SALE (SEALE) bc 1609 ar. 1635 ‘Elizabeth & Ann‘ Marblehead
Robert SHARPE bc 1615 poss bapt.26 Jun 1603 Holy Trinity, Nailsea, Somerset son of Robert SHARPE; from Batcombe, Somerset ar.1635 ‘Abigail
Ralph SHEPARD bc 1606 ar. 1635 ‘Defence‘ sworn Stepney, London
Edward SMITH ar. 1638 ‘Diligent’poss Norfolk
Henry SMITH ar. 1638 poss Norfolk [Q1-BY459]
William SMITH ar. 1638 ‘Diligent’ poss Norfolk
Francis STEVENS bc 1610-20
John SUTTON bc 1593 poss bpt 25 Jul 1594 John SUTTON son of John SUTTON, Great Snoring, Norfolk; ar. 1638 ‘Diligent’
Arthur THRESHER* bc 1663 poss son of Arthur THRESHER who m Agnes Chapman 22 Oct 1628 St. Michael Milverton, Somerset, others in Taunton, Rode, West Quantoxhead and Bicknoller
John THURBER bc 1660 [R-BY13686]
Richard TITUS
Robert TITUS bc 1600 from St. Catherine’s, London poss. m Hannah ar.1635 ‘Hopewell [R-BY71382]
Joseph TORREY bpt 21 Jun 1621 son of Phillip and Alice (RICHARDS) TORREY at Combe St Nicholas, Somerset
Phillip WALKER
William WEEKS
Robert WHEATON * bc 1606 ar. by 1636 [R-FGC22536]
James WHEELER* [I-A9271]
Alexander WINCHESTER bc 1610 poss bpt Aug 1604 Alexander WINCHESTER son of Robt. WINCHESTER St. Marys Aylesbury, Buckingham, ar.1635
John WOOD m. Joan COLESON ar.1635 ‘Matthew
John WOODCOCK ar.1635
Richard WRIGHT bc 1608 ar.1630

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