FAMILY HISTORY WRITING Guidelines and Challenges

This is simply a page with links to my Blog Posts about Writing Family History. I am neither a professional writer or genealogist (I do it for love, not money, nothing wrong with combining the two), but I do like to share ideas that work for me. I believe in simple achievable goals. I believe that everyone can write and that people can learn to express themselves with a little bit of practice.


On What We Leave Behind: Writing

Decoration Day: Why Family History Writing Will Make you a Better Genealogist

Reformed Genealogists: Turning Trees into Stories

Family History Writing: The Intuitive Writer and Researcher


Family History Writing: Sequencing Challenge. mixing it up

Family History Writing Assignment: Pick an Heirloom. my favorite assignment for beginners & old timers in a rut

Start with a Title: Appeal to your Audience please work on your titles

Writing Stories: Writing Begins With a Title yep the title will help you stay focused

Listen to Your Ancestors: What Story do they want you to Write?

What Got you Started in Genealogy?: Writing Challenge

No More Favorites! Plus a New Writing Challenge

Writing the Tough Stuff: Writing Challenge

Catch & Release, Word Fishing: Writing Challenge

Hands in the Mud: Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge: What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up

Comfort Laps: Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge: What Reminds you of your Grandmother?

Just Say No to Favorites

The Questions You Wished You’d Asked: Writing Challenge

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