Jean Wheaton’s Introduction

I married a WHEATON in 1960 but did not begin researching the name until 1983. Within a couple of years we had traced our WHEATON line back to the marriage of a Thomas WHEATON in 1726 in the village of Hilton in Huntingdonshire.

And we are still at the same point thirty years later!  And now there is the WHEATON DNA PROJECT! It turns out that Thomas was probably a WETTON connected to the families of that name from Staffordshire!
Although we have linked together nearly all the WHEATONs who have lived in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire since 1726 we have discovered that Thomas and his ancestors did not originate in either of the two counties. In an endeavour to find where Thomas was born a start was made on collecting information from other counties as well as making contact with WHEATON researchers on other Continents. The hope was that information from somewhere, or from someone, would provide a clue as to the origins of our WHEATON line. In a further attempt to make contact with other people researching this name, WHEATON was registered for many years with the Guild of One Name Studies. The setting up of this site in November 2000 was undertaken with the idea of making contact with the person who held the clue to the information for which we were searching. This has not happened!


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