I Love You California: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 29

[Published January 1 2022 103 years later. Back then it was the Spanish Flu, now it is Covid-19 Omicron]

Jan 1 1919 Wed – This ought to prove an easy date to write just two 19’s. Jessie is about well now. We put out the wash I did yesterday and cleaned house sorting magazines for the red cross and overhauling things in general. Mrs Rebecca Miller came as we finished. The weather is so cold but I think is warmer today. The sun is doing its best. I feel so discouraged and down hearted today. Seems as if there is a burden of woe to heavy to be cast off. I try to look on the bright side but how do you do it when there isn’t any?

Liven up sad heart and cease repining.

Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.

Your fate is the common fate of all.

Into each life some rain must fall.

Some days must be dark and drear.

I went to bed early and while the world went wild with the joy of the new years dawning I slept quietly only waking when the big fog horn on Angel Island shrilled its distressing wail so much for 1918 which had its joy as well as sorrows.

Jan 2 – 3 – 4 – Very cold and freezing at night. J Leo H and I at home.

Jan 5 – Eilene David Walker Lolita & Charlie Cameron came over from S. F. and brought $5.00 for Leo’s board.

Jan 6 – Went to Pantages in evening. Saw Betty alone took her home to St Marks. Mrs. Fryer sick stayed until Joe came back from Fairlawn Hotel when he took or brought me home.

Jan 7 – Went down to Oakland Ebell club. No meeting of Wed. Morning Choral Club so went to see Mrs Fryer she is up but not well.

Went to a cafeteria for lunch. Spent a pleasant afternoon. Met Mrs. Aber. a Christian Science lady who entertained us so well that dinner time found me still there. Joe asked me to eat with them which I did enjoying it greatly. After sitting around the lobby watching the others awhile as Mrs Fryer said “like a lot of stuffed cats” I went out with Josephine to get some milk and bread for Mrs. Fryer and then came home. I lay awake nearly all night thinking over the events of the eventful day.

Thu. 9—Busy working on a centerpiece I am crocheting out of No 100 thread. Jessie is working on a couple of dresser scarfs.

Fry. 10 – Sat 11 – Usual daily routine and still no word from Milo.

Sun. Jan 12 – Jessie went over to see the folks at San Francisco. Came back in evening. Leo and I had a strenuous day together.

Mon. Jan 13 In the evening I went down to the Pantages theater to the drawing of the Piedmont house. A French girl named Modene who is sick in the hospital got it. I am glad a woman got it. Mrs Fryer is not much better.

Tuesday, Jan 14 Looked for Mrs. Fryer today she dident come but Eilene did. I was glad to see her. She looked very well today. She took Leo home with her to keep. He was so glad he was going to “see Dewey” who is his Idol. Uncle Wm Petty came today she said. I am sure glad he is well. The house seems strangely quiet since they left. Jessie got two letters from Syl. He got his affidavit and thinks he will be discharged soon now. I got a letter from my sister Goldie who gave me some figures on the home places which I was glad to get.

Wed Jan 15 – No rehersals at the Wed Morning Choral so I did up my morning work early and Jessie & I talked of going to see Rosie. I decided to stay so J went alone. Soon after she left Mrs Fryer came in her fine big auto. Josephine & Betty came along. Mrs Fryer whose name shall hereinafter be Irene brought some skirts for me to remodel. I shall be glad of the opportunity to make some money again. The day threatened rain but it blew over. It is cloudy but warm. Irene is better of her flu of which I am very glad. It is 8 oclock and Jessie has not returned. It is a wee bit lonesome.

Jan 16 – 17 –Sewing and Housework.

18 Sat – Did housework. Dewey came over in evening and brought us $10.00 which comes in mighty handy, thanks.

Jan 19 – Heaviest rain of the season every body glad and happy Mrs Miller came and brightened up the day for me, she is real entertaining. She went home in evening.

Mon Jan 20 – Irene F. came and fitted skirts.

Jan 21 – At home in Berkeley busy at daily duties.

Wed. Jan 22 – Allie’s 29 th birthday dident get to see him. Working on Mrs Fryers skirts wonder why she doesnt come.The good U.S.S. Orizaba arrived at N. Y. with the 52 ammunition train complete, hope Milo is with them but am not sure

Jan 23 Fri. — J did our washing. Misty in morning sunny in afternoon dried our wash fine Joe and Irene came in afternoon to have Irenes skirts fitted. They fit fine and she left promising to come in a day or so. I am in a flutter of anticipation over Milos possible arrival in N. York. Jessie made whole wheat biscuits and they went fine with honey. After eating them we felt like the house wouldn’t hold us so we took a long walk up into the North Brae hills we could see mirriads of lights twinkling in Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Sausalito Albany and Richmond. A starry night without a moon with a fresh flower scented breeze made walking a keen delight. Up hill nearly all the way mounting higher till we could discern the lights on the different islands on the bay. We took the car back home and arrived about 10 oclock. So now I sit writing it down. A thousand wonderful sensations that no words could portray but the heart can treasure up and the memory recal years hence at the breath of a subtle scent of musky flowers or new pine houses or the misty glimmer of twinkling lights through the fog. “I love you California”

Jan Fri 24 – Working steadily on sewing getting on fine. Jessie thought it was Sat. and went out marketing for Sunday.

Sat 25 – Discovered mistake and looked up back dates verifying [?????]. Got it all straightened out and had a good laugh about it so this Sat. and not Sun.

Sun Jan 26 A glorious spring day sunny breezy and redolent with the scent of blooming shrubbery. J and I decided to take a walk which we did going out Cedar st as far as it went towards the bay thence north to Albany and around back home to 1534 Bonita ave. [2 miles out and back] Just as we were approach the house we saw Eilene and Leo coming across the st. Lucky we met her so she would not have to remain outside waiting. Leo looked fine in his new blue velvet suit. She went home about 8.

Mon Jan 27 – sewing; ripped up pongee skirt fitted Jessies skirt

Tue 28 – Mrs Fryer & Josephine came out and stayed to dinner, we enjoyed it very much.

Wed 29 – Jessie and I were ready to go to the city when Mrs Miller came in so she accompanied us. I went to the Ebell club to see about rehersals which have ceased for the influenza. Then I had my eyes fitted for glasses they are the best the Elaine Barettta Co makes and will cost me $28.50. then we went over to S. F. and did some shopping at the Emporium. I got me a new hat [????? ?????] silk hose, etc. I came home very tired retired at 12 o’clock. J came in just before that she and Mrs Miller had been looking at houses to trade. I saw Lolita at work. She is getting on fine.

Thu Jan 30Mrs Fryer came bringing more sewing and the kiddies for a hike with Jessie and Lolita that came over for that purpose. They had a fine time climbing the hills back of the University of California.

Lolita took the children back to their Hotel and then went on over to the city of San Francisco. Jessie got supper and is doing up the dishes. I shall now go to bed.

Fri. Jan 30 — Last day of first mo. Just busy sewing.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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