The Tea Kettle Sings Merrily. All is Calm. All is Bright.: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 28

Nov 29 – J. did not go to work so we washed the laundry and went down to Oakland. I could not get Milos Christmas box there so we did a little shopping and came home. J. went to S. F., Found Eilene sick in bed. Got Milos sox that Mrs Johanna Wahl knit for him and some gum for his box and came home.

Nov 30 Sat. – Up early. J. to work me to get Leo ready and go to Berkeley red cross for that everlastingly elusive Co. Carton. Last day. The card I have chosen to send bears this appropriate verse…

To my lad in Khaki

Heaven possess you, fortune bless you all along the unseen way,

Forward faring, gladly sharing

In the nations testing days

Courage fill you service thrill you

Victory crown each brave advance

Comrads cheer you God be near you,

Soldier boy “Some where in France.”

Milo 4th from left in France WWI

I arrived at the Red Cross 1:15 and was the last one to send a box over seas from Berkeley. I came home afoot Leo trotting along in and out of doorways up and down steps banks and hillocks, tireless. I was tired enough when I got home.

Dec 1. Sunday Dec 1 1918 – I arose early and ironed Leos coat dry which I wash Sat eve. Jessie took him to see his mother in S. F. who is sick with the “flu.” She took a short motor trip and lost her pocket book containing 11.00. Mrs Miller came over and we both went to St Marks church to the rehersal. Had a pleasant time. I walked home alone and Mrs Miller took the Key Route home to S. F. Jessie & Lolita and Charley came a little later bringing Leo, boy baby, back with them. He is always ready to go any where with anyone.

Monday Dec 2. – Jessie went to work saying she would go directly to S. F. to see if they had found her purse that she lost Sun. Leo and I have put in a busy day. He had his first lesson in using a needle. He is very apt and sewed several buttons on a card. I was made happy with a letter from Milo, who is still in France. I have written to him and Goldie Mathews. Allie & Dewey came over in machine get drawing table. They passed Jess somewhere. They didn’t find her purse. She didn’t approve of their methods.

Tue Dec 3. — I took a walk with little Leo in the glorious Dec sunshine, got some bread, meat, apples and postages. Mailed Milo and Goldies letters. Came home got lunch over and put Leo to sleep. A letter came from Syl also one from the treas dept with a check for $85 for Jessie. O joy.

Dec 4.Wed Morning rehersal at the Ebell Club.

5 – 6- 7 – ordinary routine.

Dec 8 Sunday – It rained so did not go to auditorium to practice Road to Victory. [The performance they are practicing for.]

Road to Victory Oakland Tribune December 10, 1918

Mon Dec 9 – Went down to auditorium to reherse Pageant. I am in the Angel Cho.[choir] and Enjoy it all hugely.

Tue 10 – Another rehersal

Wed 11 – Went down to Aud. in afternoon to help make the halos for A. Cho. Got a bad headache from fumes of gold paint walked into Oakland to wear it off and felt much relieved when I got back to Auditorium. The 1st night was a success.

Thu 12 Fri 13 & Sat 14 – Nightly performances of the Pageant by Lila Stewart called the Road to Victory. I enjoy the part I have in it. I met Mrs Fryer Fri night and she drove me down to the Auditorium in her big sedan. I found out she had been sick and Paul and family had gone back to L. A. and that she had not been away from Oakland. All of which surprised me. I was glad to see her again. They are all staying at the St. Marks.

St Mark Hotel, Oakland

Sun Dec 15 – Quiet restful day after the big show which was a grand success in every way. Eilene and Lolita came over from S. F. to see it on Sat and Jessie took Leo down. I joined them after my act was over and we enjoyed the last scene together.

Mon Dec. 16 – Went to Pantages show in evening. As usual, no luck in bungalo drawing which comes of every mon.

Tue Dec 17 – Eilene came over with money to pay Leos board. She got her allotment from the Govt. She stayed all night.

Wed, “ 18 – I went down to Choral Class. J & E went downtown and got Leo two pair shoes and went on over to S. F. where they remained all night.

Thu “ 19 – They took Leo to Dr Stewell in S. F. and had him circumsized. F. S. and Dewey brought him over in the car.

Fri “ 20 – Leo is doing nicely. Jessie is not well and it makes her worse to be up nights with him. Jessie went down town between rains and mailed Sylvesters Christmas box, which made her cold worse.

Sat Dec 21 – Busy at housework & waiting on Leo. Trying to complete some Christmas presents for the family. A collar bag for Dewey a wash rag knitted for Allie and a waist for Lolita a coat hanger for Eilene.

Dec 22 Sun. – Very dull and lonesome Sunday. Leo is cross, Jessie sick. Lolita and Charlie came late in the evening for a short call. I tried her waist on. They promised to come Christmas.

Mon Dec 23 – I fixed up a box for Fryers and gave it to Joe at the Pantages theater on Monday evening after the first performance. I then hurried home to my sick people.

Tue Dec 24 – I was as busy as a hive of bees when Joe Irene and Josephine drove up. They had a nice box of writing paper and a book of the Operas for me. They said Jessie had the flu. We had a lovely visit. Frank Mosier came as they were leaving. Mrs Fryer spoke pleasantly to him. He came to settle with Jessie about some work that he did on the Miller place in the S. S. Dist. And did not refer to Fryers visit. Quite late Allie Eilene & Lolita came over bearing presents and invited themselves to a Christmas dinner.

Dec 25 Wed Christmas – I hurried out early in the morning and bought a tree and a squash and other things for a dinner. Killed the last of the squabs and got busy preparing same while the girls trimmed the tree. We had a fine time dinner at 8 in evening. Lolita called at St Mark Hotel to take some presents to Josephine & Betty with which they were greatly delighted, Then came on here.

Charley had already come D & Allie came later. We had a very pleasant time all around, altho Jessie was sick she got up and helped all she could.

Dec 26 – J went to Red cross to see about Sylvesters affidavit. They sent a Dr to see her who gave her a certificate stating she was slowly recovering from the flu. I went and got her some med.

Dec 27 – She went down to see Mrs Fryer and Joe to get them to sign the affidavit as witnesses and they were out. She came home discouraged. I was sorry she went

Dec 28 Sat – Put the house in order did the marketing and ironing and fixed white waist.

Dec 29. Sunday — It has been a most peaceful and restful day. Jessie was up part of the time. Leo is almost well and plays out of doors most of the time. I forgot to say I got a letter from Leo stating that he had got into a law firm. I’m so wonderfully gratified glad and happy that he has accomplished his hearts desire at last. All success my boy. I havn’t heard from Milo in a long time. I don’t know whether he is on the way home yet or not. Jessie is eating her second dinner. I think she is getting better and I’m glad. It is 8:30 and no one came to see us yet. It is clear and cold out. Our coal fire is real comfortable. The tea kettle sings merrily and the Christmas tree gives off the spicy fragrance of its Northern home. All is calm. All is bright.

Mon Dec 30 – Jessie went down to Oakland to get Mr. Richardson to sign her affidavit to get Syl discharged from the army. I did not go down to the Pantages in the evening to the bungalo drawing.

Tue Dec 31Last day of the old year so full of joys and sorrows. May the new year be kinder to the poor long suffering world.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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