Registered at UC Berkeley: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 35

Feb. 14 – Life was some what of a drag all around.  I have all my notes to show that I attended class regularly and made good marks. Finished textiles and took up a short course in  Psycology  Also a few private lessons in dress drafting from Mrs. Percival.

Feb. 23 Jessie went to Fabiola hospital to be operated on for appendicitis.

Fabiola Hospital, Oakland later Kaiser

Feb 24Sylvester and I went down and stayed while she was operated on. It was very successful. I kept house for Syl. Dull quiet days about all alike. Jessie convalescing. Syl at work me doing house work and going to class at regular intervals at night in Oakland.

Mar 4 – Lolitas 19th birthday.

5 – I had a caller for a few min before I had to go to The Fabiola to help Jessie home. She is fine and getting better all the time. The next two weeks were spent in nursing J back to health and strength. Some time after Jessie went to the Hospital Jessie sent Lolita a couple of baby quilts.

Mar 10 – Sylvesters birthday Ray’s baby was buried. J. invited to dinner didn’t come because he never got the invitation. Mother Miller came had a fine Rabbit pie. He was 30 years old.

Mon routine in the same old way. Pleanty of humdrum work.

Mar 30 Jessie 27th birthday We had a birthday dinner at Eilenes for Jessie. Joe was an honored guest. We had a good time. Jessie Sylvester J and I left for home about 10 oclock. Jessie & S. and I comming on over to Berk. We had a chicken noodle dinner—very good

1 April – Spring and sad memories. No spring sewn for my sweet kiddies who are wearing their black uniforms in a San Rafael convent.

APRIL – 10 – Josephines [Mrs Freyer’s daughter]—11 B DAY — I gave her a book of poems.

April 17 – Lois Cameron born to Charles and Lolita Cameron in Humbolt Co California.

Apr 18 – Dad Miller came and took Jessie Syl and myself to Westlunds in Castro Valley. I stayed 4 days sewing and made 4 dollars a day. Hard work. Come home on 22 April to find my bro Horace here. I was glad to see him.

22 April – Bro and I took a street car ride to San Leandro and back. We stopped in Oakland to do some shopping for Lolitas baby. I sent her the box soon after. It contained a lot of nice baby clothes that we had collected together. Bro sent some socks and bunny booties which were very lovely.

Sat Apr 23 – We went to S. F to see Allie and Agnes.

Sun. Apr. 24 – Bro. went back to Madera. He soon wrote he had secured employment for Sylvester, who was temporarily out of work.

May 2 (sun) – Syl went to join bro. Horace in Madera.

May 12 — Big Graduation day at U. C. 1300 students received their sheep skins. It was a great day, impressive in the extreme. The chimes played “Theres a long long trail awinding.” [Chimes would be the campanile bells]

10 May 1920 San Francisco Examiner

May 13 – Jessie obtained employment at a Kodak shop in Oakland.

May 30 – Gave Mrs. Johnson a large sheaf of white gladiolas for her mothers grave.

May 31 – Jessie stayed home for the holiday.

June 1 – A most wonderfully perfect day beginning and end. I went down to class in the evening as I passed Irenes aunts place I saw Joe’s car in front. This winds up the terms work in Trade Analysis. I have my paper to write yet.

June 13 – “Pop” Miller drove over in his ford and took us down to Neptune beach. Dewey and Dutch, Jessie and I. When we returned Frank and Leo were here. I was very sorry we missed them

June 19registered at the U. C.

University of California Berkeley Campanile

June 20 ? – Jessie & Vestina, Mrs Smith and I went over to Smiths place in the Sand Dune dist of S. F. for a picnic. I cooked 2 rabbits and they made the salad It was a fine dinner and a grand good time. The fog came wet and cold, a great contrast to our Berkeley heat. I enjoyed every minuit of the long day. We came home late tired and happy.

June 21a great day. I started to Summer School at the U. I find it very interesting

June 23Had a telephone installed step forward. Another desire realized. Had a fine auto ride to Oakland, and dinner at a cafateria after the morning session of School.

June 24 Entered another class today. It is still another step forward. It is a class in Part time work with the regular academic teachers. This with my other class in Smith Hughes work is the training to fit teachers for the public schools under the new laws that will bring hundreds of new scholars into the school this fall.

Sat June 26, 1920 – Did a big days work today. Washing ironed and cleaned house. Of course I tired myself out but had the satisfaction of seeing it accomplished at any rate. Jessie called up Ruth Westlund Fri and made a date to go out to Castro Valley on Sunday.

Sun June 27 – Jessie and I got up early and did up the work and started. The day was fine. We had a lovely trip thru the cherry orchards. When we got to Hayward we found Ruth waiting for us. Jessie got 2 qt of ice cream and we went out thru the golden sunshine cool breeze and sweet perfumes to Westlunds. She our hostess was glad to see us. She was Frying chicken when we arrived 4 of them. My but they were good. I could have eaten a whole one myself, the little fryers. I didn’t care so much for the ice cream. After lunch Jessie snapped our pictures and we talked, read the news of the Democratic Convention now being held in S. F and napped. Then we had coffee and cake and then Mrs W. took us to Hayward where we took the street car for home arriving at 10.15. J bought 3 doz. egs and brought them along. I studied Mondays lesson a bit and went to bed.

Monday June 28Went to class at summer session of U. C. Cal. Took up all morning from 8 to 12 enjoyed it very much. Got a new binder for my blanks in Part Time. 85 cents. Filed my registration card and got my assembly ticket. Walked home by Gas & Electric and paid bill. Stopped at City hall and paid taxes. Stopped at store and bought meat and potatoes. Came home cooked lunch ate, and rested. Watered flowers, read paper, posted diary and am cooking dinner for J. and I. Am ready to study my lessons for tomorrow.

Wed June 30 — Went home with Mrs. Milliken after hours at the U. C. Jessie came over and we came home tog. had dinner. Jessie then went for a short call on Vestina. I am studying the new state and Federal school laws all alone.

July 8 1920Came home from U. C. with a head ache. J. rang up and later called. Didn’t stay long. Had a nice visit while it lasted. Am working hard on course of study for my class tomorrow.

Sat J. 10 – Went down to Oakland and bought a Boston bag.

Sunday July 11 – Jessie and I are trying to catch up with the work which has been neglected during the weeks occupation with other duties. I am almost too tired to study which must be done if I am to make any headway at the Summer Session at the U.C. Lost my Smith Hughes bulletin tough luck. [Smith-Hughes Act, formally National Vocational Education Act, U.S. legislation, adopted in 1917, that provided federal aid to the states for the purpose of promoting precollegiate vocational education in agricultural and industrial trades and in home economics.]

July 17 – Put in time at U. C. since last entry. Mrs Ludwick gave me an extra Smith Hughes so I am all O K again. Home sick with a bad cold in my head. Allie called up Jessie ditto. Great invention, the telephone, I’ll say. I have written to Goldie Louis and Lolita today. I will now read up on my studies for Monday.

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