Happy that the World Still Contains a Little Joy: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 24

Thursday April 11 Fri 12 – Sat 13 — Helping Jessie with her washing & housework and looking over my diary.

Sunday April 14Spent most of the day writing. Later in the afternoon Mrs. Miller & I went call on Mrs. Hausenbalg. She is an old woman of German birth and widow of a Dr. She has traveled extensively and has collected some interesting souvenirs of foreign lands. We spent a most agreeable hour at her house. She gave us some violet plants.

Monday I did some more writing for my lawyer who has my case and working on baby Leos hat which I am embroidering.

Tuesday Apr 16 – Finished my writing and embroidering. Got a letter from Frank with his love. What’s the use?

Wednesday April 17 1918I went to Hayward and gave my papers to my lawyer Mr. Leslie Perry. Then Jessie & I went in to Oakland and I bought me a pair of white kid gloves and a new hat and a bottle of Tanlac medicine. I hope it will help me.

Tanlac Ad from Oakland Tribune 15 April 1918

The day has been sunny and pleasant. We called on Mrs. Fryer who was out. I was disappointed. Jessie & I ate our picnic lunch beside Lake Merritt where Allie used to board. I called up Fruitvale 425. Josephine came to the phone. Her mother had not returned so we came to Hayward bought some meat. Hired a jitney (for 75 cents) to bring us home and arrived tired and glad to be home. Jessie & Mrs. Miller had dinner ready. Syl is talking war gardens. The Fruit trees are in bloom and are lovely along the way.

Cherry Orchards in Hayward

Thurs 18 – There was a high wind blowing all day. It also was hot. A curious combination. I worked awhile on Jessie coat and trimmed Mrs. Millers hat.

Friday Apr 19 – The wind has gone down and the day is lovely. I got a nice letter from Sister Goldie and answered it.

Sat April 20 Patriots day – Spent the day cleaning house and washing a little. Night found me very tired.

Sun Apr 21 – Esther Miller Kaufungs birthday. She got a wrist watch and a liberty bond. The Sylvester Millers are giving her a grand birthday party. I am doing my bit. Ray and Rose and Aunt Daisy Hepburn are broke down somewhere along the way. The morning is sunny and cool. The dinner is nearly ready and everyone is happy. Eva Coe and her finance Mr. Scotty Bently are among those present. Jessie and Syl went in with them and Jessie remained for the week.

Mon 22 – Usual routine of ranch life.

Tues 23Got letter from Frank saying he had left home for good and telling me to go home. I took the letter to the lawyer he advises not to go home and asks for time to fix up papers.

Wed 24 – Sylvester’s aunt Frankie her daughter Mary and son Ernest and his cousin Ruby also Ray and Rose Miller all came out in Rays new Chevrolet to luncheon. We had a good time and Mother Miller went in with them this leaves me alone all day long to run the poultry ranch.

Thu Apr 25 1918 – Leo Hoffman’s 2nd birthday I gave him an embroidered hat. Dewey came over in eve. after pipe fitting tools and helped Syl lay some pipe to supply water to the pigeon lofts. I cooked up a nice dinner for them.

Fri Apr 26 – I am tired out today as a result of too much effort yesterday. I only did what my hands found to do. It is not so windy and so more pleasant. I must go and cut the chickens greens.

Apr 27 Sat – Housecleaning. Jessie and Ma Miller returned.

Sunday April 28 1918Such a joyful day deserves more space than usualy given to my daily news. Eilene and Leo Lolita and Charlie Cameron and friend David came over and after we had a fine dinner we all went over to my very own big bay tree and spent the end of the perfect day. They crawled and climbed all through that wonderful tree like monkeys snapping pictures and scaring baby Leo most to death.

Mon 29 and Tues 30 – was just the aftermath.

May 1 – Usual housework dull and discouraging.

Thu 2 – Mrs. Miller went to S. F.

Fri 3 – More housework and lonesomeness; cut Jessies outing dress.

Sat 3 – Syl came home early and while they worked among the poultry I sewed on the dress. Then got supper and made a strawberry shortcake for the Doran young people coming over in the evening. Later they arrived and passed the time pleasantly till 12.00

Sun May 5 – Dawned bright and glorious. Cool and sunny. We arose at 9 and while I cooked a good breakfast J. & S. did up the morning chores. Then we ate and set out 200 onion plants. Dressed and started to Hayward on foot our car we ordered having missed connections. When we were nearly there Mr. Cole of the garage picked us up and got us in to town just in time to catch the big Locomobile car that runs regularly between Hayward and Oakland. We had a glorious ride into Melrose to attend Ray Millers birthday dinner. Everybody enjoyed themselves hugely. After dinner Jessie played and I sang and Ray snapped the group on the lawn. Then Jessie & I called up my Mrs. Fryer who was luckily at home and I went over to get Lois’s picture Mrs. Fryer was keeping for me. After chatting a bit she brought me back to the Miller party in her tiny little camouflaged ford car that rides like a cradle. O my heart goes out to the memory of my sweet Lois but all I have left is her memory and this picture I prize so highly. Ray brought us home and we went to bed about 10 o’clock a little tired and happy that the world still contains a little joy for those that seek it.

Mon May 6 – J and I finished planting the onion sets. No mail. I am looking for a letter from Allie.

Tues May 7 – Made gray cashmere petticote. Very Grandmotherly.

Wed Apr 8 – Wrote letter to Jessie Kendrick asking for a little financial aid. It is cold and windy but my heart is warm with a new hope of a brighter future of health and happiness and freedom from care.

Wed Apr 8 – got a letter from Bro Horace and one from my lawyer Lester Perry with a rough draft of my court complaint. I have been revising it all afternoon.

Thursday forenoon – Went to Hayward to consult my lawyer rode part way in with Mrs Westlund. Jessie certainly has good neighbors. I bought some Sal Hapatica [Bristol Meyer’s Mineral Salt recommended for Rheumatism, gout, kidney and liver problems], a purse for Jessie and a handbag for myself which I needed to conserve my silver. I started to walk home and was kindly picked up by Mrs. Finklestein and rode as far as the school house with her. When I got to the “P. O. Box 171A Miller” I found Jessie after the mail. There were 3 letters for her. One was from Leo and Carrie partly to me. I was so doubly glad to get it. We sat in the Eucalyptus tree and read them while we rested. One was from Essie Kaufflung who arranged for Jess and Syl to go camping with them Sat and Sun. I am helping her get ready.

Fri May 10 – Jessie and Mrs Miller have gone and to fight off depression read one old scientific work called “The tomorrow of death” which contains some reasonable arguments and comforting facts.

Sat 11 – Very busy with housework and chores about the ranch.

Sun 12Mrs. Miller and I were too lonesome and stupid for words when in walked Milo, Dewey and Dutch. Got up a hasty dinner and enjoyed their short stay very much.

Mon 13 – Usual routine

Tue 14 – Went into Hayward and got some thread to work on Eilenes and Jessies sewing. Jessie is making junior house wife.

Wed 15Jessie & I went to the Presidio to see Milo. It was wonderful to see so many fine young fellows in their uniforms. He took us into his barracks and introduced us to his friends. I do not know the army names for them. They seem to be a splendid set of young men. We went out into the grounds and took several snap shots which Leo ba’e Hoffman spoiled later.

Presidio Path to the Barracks, San Francisco

Milo accompanied us out to the house and J & I came back to our own little Hayward arriving at 11:30. An account of Mr Cole being out on a wild goose chase. We got another automobile to bring us out. Midnight. Glad to get back.

Thu & Fri — Dull blue days. Trouble seems to weigh me down. Jessie is resting up after her trip to town. I am trying to make Lolita a waist out of an old skirt of Jessies. I am cheered with several letters from my bros and sisters offering help and sympathy.

Sat May 18 – Jessie & I did a big wash. I scrubbed and ironed. Jessie went with Sylvester to the dentists in afternoon and to call on the Doran young peole in the evening. I go to bed tired and rest good.

Sunday May 19 – Up bright and early doctoring a caloused foot and then preparing for a crowd which is likely to appear on this popular ranch later in the day. Jessie & Syl get up later and pitch in to help put everything in order. She has got the roast in and is finishing up the ironing. The sun shines bright and the wind which has blowed dismally for days has gone down. I hope it to stay down for awhile.

Sun eve. – nobody came so we have a very quiet dull and stupid Sunday.

Mon May 20 – Usual house and ran. work

Tue 21 – Much the same at Jessie’s ranch house. Washed clohes

Wed 22 – sewing on an old waist for Lolita also a suit of underwear for myself. I made Lolitas bloomers this week.

Thur 23 – Still sewing

Fri 24 – Eilene walked out without the baby. We were disappointed. I cut out a red cross apron for her and remodled her blue silk. She went back same day.

Sat 25 – Lovely and lonesome Sunday. I have plenty of time to think over the news Eilene brought that Milo had gone east on his way to France. O my Milo Boy I pray for your welfare daily also all the others. Ray Rose and her aunt came late in the evening.

Mon 27 – Mrs. Westlund could not get her dressmaker so she asked me to help her out so I went down and cut out Ruths party dress.

Tue 28 – Still sewing at Westlunds. My head ached very bad but put in a full day.

Wed 29 – Mrs Westlund took me in her Lizzie to Mrs Gentrys to sew a day for her. I cut out Ruth Gentrys dress and nearly finished it in a day. I recd $3.00 for the days work. The most I ever received for a days sewing. This included lunch and dinner.

Thu May 30 – Decoration day. I went with Mrs. Westlund to the cemetery and listened to the exercises which were very high class and appropriate. A sad feature of the day was the open grave waiting for the first victim of the worlds war to come back to Hayward (And Milo’s over there.)

Friday May 31 – Last day of May two months without a drop of rain.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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