Divorce Decree on Ground’s of Extreme Cruelty: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 25

June 1 – At Westlunds sewing

June 2 – Lolita and Dewey came over to Jessie Millers. Syl, Jes, Dew, Lo. and I went as far as Oakland Lo & I called on the kiddie R’s and I accompanied Lo. as far as the mole? and returned alone to Hayward; walked out at 1-2 in the morning. Withstood trip well.

June 3 Monday – and washday cleaned house. Hot and exhausting work.

June 4 – Went to Oakland and bought goods for new (silver bloom) dress and soilsette for Milos herbs also mauve flowered crepe for night gown Called on Mrs Fryer at Fairlawn Hotel Fruitvale and had lunch rode down town in Lois’s little auto bought Dictionary—Funk & Wagnalls, and came home; found letter from Bro Horace telling of Uncle Asa’s death in Neb. and one from Eilene.

June 5 – Got second letter from Milo since he arrive at Camp Mills L. I. answered it. Jessie is making fruit cake to send to him. I made the handkerchiefs.

Camp Mill’s NY

June 6 Thursday – Jessie & I took the box in to Hayward and mailed it. Then went to S. F. Lovely trip. Ripe cherries all along the San Leandro valley. White caps on the bay. Wind and cool weather in the city. F S was home so J & I spent the day in G. Gate Park. The children were quite elated because their father had just bought a new Chevrolet. I ran in and had a bite of dinner and out again just missing him by a hairs breadth. So it goes I was sorry that I couldn’t stay and fix Eilenes dresses for her as I had intended. It was a most disappointing day. When we arrived at Hayward we could not get an auto so walked out.

Friday June 7 – Aftermath blue as blue devils are supposed to be. Mrs. Miller went to the city. I clean up my cloths and do some mending. Cut out gown.

Sat June 8 – Clean house finish night gown. J & S go to Dorans card party.

Sun June 9 – Looking for Bro Horace. Mrs. Miller, Herbie & Esther arrived before we were up. Cool in the shade. A man is cutting Mrs Westlunds wheat for hay. All the hills have turned brown and are covered with little mounds of hay. It is a beautiful sight.

June 10 – Dull as Mondays are want to be.

Mon June 11 – Went to Oakland and bought me a new silverbloom dress and a nightgown.

June 11 – Making my new striped dress. Weather very hot.

Wed “ 12 – Jessie went to town to get buttons for my new dress. 3 sizes to match. I like them.

Thu 13 – still sewing. Mrs. Gentry drove in or rather out in her buggy to get me to sew for her.

Friday June 14 – At Mrs Gentrys place making her a wash foulard.

Sat 15 – Still at Gentrys. When I had the dress nearly done Jessie & Syl drove over in their Fathers new Chevrolet to get me to come to Hayward to see Mr Mosier. I went. The meeting was very causal just wanted to know what I wanted. I told him I wanted nothing at all. He had feared I would want alimony which he did not propose to give. I calmed his fears and then we all rode or drove out to Millers. He and I said good bye friendly enough. I know it hurt us both but whats the use? None. He told me today that I was as much to blame as he. Jessie went over to the city with him and Dewey brought her back late in the night. Lolita came along and they stayed over night.

Sunday June 16 – We all went out riding in the machine. Tried to find Uncle but failed. Went to Mt. Eden and drove around over the country awhile and back to Millers when we had a light lunch and then Dewey and Lolita went back leaving me lonely.

Monday June 17Got a letter from Milo saying he had got the box and pictures thanking us. And asking me to send a “housewife.”

Tuesday 18 – I was all ready in my new suit to go to the city for comfort kit supplies and to deliver a chicken to Mrs. Schlessinger for Mrs Miller, when I met the Post Man and got a letter from Milo, one from Allie one from Jessie Kendrick and one from Ruth Westlund. Here was news from New York Washington Los Angeles and Nebraska. Milo said they were sailing the day he wrote. I went on over to the city called on the children, Eilene accompanying me back to the Emporium to do some shopping. We got her a cape and stuff for Leo a suit. I got the comfort kit stuff and dident send it as I have to have an order for it first. Came home alone and lonesome.

June 19 – Wrote to the children in the city of S. F. In evening went in to Hayward with Dorans met Gentrys and went out to their place to sew. Stayed there Thurs.

Friday, 20, 21. Coming home Fri eve found Jessie busily preparing to take a summer course after all.

Sat June 22 – A change in the weather which has been scorching hot and is now cloudy and cold. I spend a gloomy day.

Sun June 23 – Looked for the folks all day. Nobody came.

June 24Jessie packed her grip and started to college. Syl thinks he may have to go to war and Jessie had better prepare to earn her own living. She was going to look at a house and lot on her way in to Berkeley.

Tuesday June 25 – I sent my suit in to Hayward to be cleaned and pressed. This is the first time for it. Have had it nearly 2 years. No mail again today and Eilene hasn’t come yet wonder whats the matter. Weather is sunny and hot again. Mother Miller washing. Later in the day I stood looking out the window and saw an auto slow up at our gate and back up down the hill. I said to Mrs M how many times they had fooled me thinking some one was coming and then they either changed speed and went on up the hill or backed down again. While I was talking I glanced out again and said O here they are coming up the hill again, I wonder they turn in the lane, Surely thats Lolita getting out. Yes she picks up Deweys hat that has fallen out and while he tries our awfully steep little hill I go out down to meet my Lolita girl. Im so glad to see them Eilene and Leo here in the machine. She has brought her sewing and is to stay. After a hurried lunch Dewey and L return to the city and still later in the day, evening in fact Jessie came home from college. The course was going to cost her too much so she decided to return and talk it over. We are all having a fine time visiting. Syl brought 50 lb cherries for 5.00. E & I sleep at Westlunds.

June 26 – We cut out Eileens cape she has not enough material so returns to the city for more. I receive notice from my lawyer to fix date for trial. Eilene will call on him when she returns tomorrow. I get on fine with the cape.

June 27 – F. S.’s birthday he is 50 years old. Leo [junior] and I awoke early, he looked at me and said Eilene aw daw. Dewey aw daw, and went to sleep again. Finally we arose. Had a great time dressing washing and combing and hunting the keys. Finally we are all ready to climb up hill to the tank house. Jessie is getting breakfast and Syl is dressing. It is cool and sunny. I am feeling quite well. I will sew on Lolitas white skirt until Eilene comes.

June 28 – Spent the day at Mrs Westlunds house sewing for Eilene. When I came up to Jessies place to lunch I found her washing so I helped her finish. I then went back and blind stitched the bottom of Es cape which is about 5 yd around the bottom and then cut out her house dress of Jap. crepe. Back up to dinner and back down to bed. The hill is hard to climb.

June 29 Sat – I am up at 5:30 war time, dress, make bed and am ready to sew as soon as it is light enough. Fitted the dress I cut last night before breakfast. I must make Leo’s suit today. It is cloudy out and might rain. Dident rain – very tired – slept soundly.

Sun June 30 – was a beautiful sunny day to end the last day of June. In spite of the continued dry weather things seem to grow on somehow. I help Eilene finish her sewing. Come up to breakfast helped get it. Went back to Westlunds sewed awhile, cleaned up the house and ourselves, rested about 15 min flat on my back and gathering up my things, went back to Jessies to sleep in my own bed again. Dewey and Dutch came while we were at dinner bringing some ice cream which went fine with our cake and peaches. Syl took me in to see the lawyer Mr. Perry. He was not in so we came back. Got the entire bunch, excepting Mrs. Miller and went in to Oakland to the Methodist church to a choral program, stopping on our way thru Hayward to call at Mr Perrys res. to find him in. He soon attended to my business and then we went on. There were in the car Syl. Dewey Dutch who was christened. Ernest Walh, Jessie, Eilene, Leo ba’e and my own dear self. The car behaved fine and got us in to town in time for the meeting. The singing was fine. The pipe organ with chimes very sweet. Roy & Rose brought us to the car line. Syl treated to refreshments. Walked home 12:00.

July 1 – I have a sort of after the ball feeling this morning, but am up early and none the worse for my late walk. Am spending the “morns morning” writing to my Bro Horace, my son Albert and my Diary. The morning is cool cloudy and damp. Jessie is sleeping.

July 6 – O but how time flies Tuesday July 2 Rose drove out in their Chevrolet bringing Essie for a visit. Jessie & I went back with her. J stopped at Melrose and went on in to Oakland did a little shopping and came home walking all the way out from Hayward. On Wed July 3 Jessie Syl and Mrs. Miller went to a card party at the schoolhouse. I stayed at Westlunds all evening and night. July 4 – Our natal day was right royally celebrated in all the bay cities but no I could not go It was too inconvenient and I was not well enough to walk so much. Herbie came out to see Essie that was our one and only concession to the day.

July 5 – Essie & Mrs. Miller went to S. F. We spend the day dutifully at homely tasks.

July 6 – I wash clean h. bathe and shampoo my hair. While Jessie waits at the foot of the hill for the mail it brings both good and bad news. I get a card from Milo says this and nothing more. “The ship on which I sailed has arrived safely over seas.” Jessie get a letter for Syl which says he has been transferred to class 1. Which great big news upset my Jessie so she had a crying spell poor girl. It is sad days for thewives.

July 7 Sunday – A very quiet uneventful day. Late in aft. Lolita came out and Syl took her suitcase in to Hayward. Then she returned. She walked. J and I took an evening walk down the ranch wood road and met Syl coming back.

July 8 Mon. – I helped Jessie dig potatoes at Westlunds which we promised her we would do to repay her for her many kindnesses.

July 9 Tue – Finished the potatoes. Syl found out he would have to report for duty Aug 3.

July 10 Wed – Hot sunny day. Dewey came out to look at the motorcycle. Syl has advertised the place for sale trade or rent. Lolita dident come today. Will work on Jessies dress.

July 11 & 12 – Nothing of importance.

July 13 Sat. – Lolita came out to the Miller Ranch. I was alone and glad to see her. J. & S. came home for the eve.

July 14 Sun — Dewey came out and got his motorcycle that he bought of Syl for $350.00. J & S came in evening.

Mon. – Went down to Westlunds with Lolita to sew. Stayed there until Wed July 17 when J & S went over to the city where L & I “moved” back up the hill the better to look after the ranch.

July 18 – Lolita & I “did” a big wash cleaned house and all the rest of it.

19 Fri – Still working on Lolitas dress. She is very proud of it.

Sat 20 – Jessie ironed I cleaned house Lolita made a cake Everything was done up in apple pie order. Then Fryers came. Got a squab dinner. Kiddies went wild over the live stock. They went back in the evening. J & S accompanying them as far as the Fruitvale station.

21 Sunday – Lolita Mrs. Miller & I spent very quietly at home alone

22 Monday – Jessie and Sylvester went back to town to do some shopping and see a prospective buyer for the place.

July 23 WedIve looked forward to this day for 5 years when I brought suit for divorce in Minneapolis and was induced to drop it upon husbands promise to reform, which he failed to and today I am to appear in the Superior court of the State of California to get my decree upon grounds of extreme cruelty. I am expecting Dewey and Eilene every minute now and Lolita and I will go in with them. J & S will meet us at the court house in Oakland. It is now time to dress. Later Dewey had some trouble with his tire but arrived in time to get us all in Oakland on time. My hearing went off smoothly and the lawyer thinks everything will come out all right.

Alameda County Courthouse, Oakland

I gave Eilene the coat I made for baby and she was very much elated over it. We bought Dewey a silk shirt for I am getting ahead of my story. We bought the material for babys coat and Eilenes dress.

July 24 – Deweys 21 birthday. I cut babys coat.

25 – Sewing on baby Leos coat fixed a skirt for Lolita. Jessie made Lolita a house dress.

July 26 FridayJessie Syl got Rays machine to use while he settled up the business here and secured another habitation wherein to dwell.

Sat. July 27 – Sylvester took me in to Oakland where I met Dewey and Eilene and we signed the papers. After which I gave Eilene babies coat which I had finished and we then bought Dewey a silk shirt for his birthday. Then Dewey took the suitcase and hurried home and raised some money to send Allie to buy a bargain in tools. Syl Eilene and I went out to lunch. Eilene went on home and Syl and I did some marketing for Sundays dinner and drove home merrily in his borrowed Chevrolet, for the use of which he had to buy a new tire. Jessie and Syl went back to Hayward to get Essie & Herbie

Sunday July 28 – I got up early and had everything in order when Esther and Herbert came in from Westlunds where they spent the night. We had a good breakfast of musk mellon fresh ranch eggs potatoes hot toast coffee etc. We four fared well here on this bald knob of a hill top where we have spent so many quiet peaceful hours and which we must soon leave. After a light lunch Syl took us on a little sight seeing trip up the canyon. It is too dry and dusty to be beautiful now but those lofty hills are always grand. The whole valley is busily engaged in picking and drying apricots. Mrs Miller and I canned some for home use after we returned from our ride. Syl and Jessie took Essie and Herbie to town. Jessie and Syl stayed in so as to hunt up a house now.

July 29 – Jessie and Syl did not return. Mrs Miller and I busy with the fruit. Go to bed late.

Tue July 30 – Jessie & Syl arrive about noon on foot. Rays machine went back on them when they were nearing San Leandro on their homeward way last night. We were disappointed. They rented a bungalow in Berkeley and we started at once to pack.

July 31 – the “Movie” man couldn’t move us today so he will come early tomorrow. We are gathering up the odds ands of things and truly it is as the Irish woman said “You never know what a lot of thrash you do be having till you go to moove.” Syl went over to the city to see if he couldn’t get Deweys auto to help move us in. We do not look for him until late. Syl came without the car. It was in the Garage being overhauled.

Aug 1 1918 – Up early and all busy packing up to moove. Thot I lost Westlunds keys but found them hanging on the door knob. I left the place in order and J & S returned the key to a neighbor Mr Frank. Westlunds will be home soon. Moovers came about 10. Mrs Miller & I got the new address the money Keys and directions and started on ahead. Mr Fraiser picked us up in his auto. I drew my money out of the bank $35.00. Paid Mr Perry 25 and then we got some very bad sandwitches at Kelleys and started for our new home. We arrived safely and found a very pretty brown shingled bungalow behind a magnificent palm tree. Our vine and fig pear and apricot trees are in the back yard. We got pretty tired waiting. They came about 3 o’clock pigeons goats and all. We started setting up furniture at so late in the evening J. & Syl came with 40 squabs that they had dressed and told us that they had sold the pigeons for $2.25 per doz. a rediculous small price.

Fri Aug 2 1918 – Jessie & Syl are off early to settle up their affairs. Mother Miller & I are busy as bees unpacking and cleaning house.

Sat 3 – Still getting things settled at our new address. 1534 Bonita Ave Berkeley California.

Sun. Aug 4 – Very tired slept late. Breakfast at 10 taking it easy Mother Miller went out and got the sun papers. Dinner at 6 Ray and Rose came in.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2021. All RIghts Reserved.

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