Group D member says hello

Have just enrolled. Susan Lofthouse, Group D.

4 Comments on “Group D member says hello”

  1. Here’s an interesting little snippet. Was wondering why Paul Wheaton’s son was baptised Egidius – not exactly popular in late 16th century Devon, and then it hit me. The priest who officiated was still using Latin forms – so Giles became Egidius, as Andrew had become Andreas and Paul as the father was in the genitive case. Did a double check on other entries for Egidius – lots in Devon, and all Giles under the skin.The priest at the neighbouring parish where the other two children were christened was a bit more down to earth.

    So not some strict Catholic or non-conformist – just had a priest who clung to the “old” ways.

  2. I am catching up on reading past messages and have just read the above.
    Paul’s son is the only Egidius I have in my WHEATON ONE NAME STUDY file….and I have no Giles at all!

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