Wheadons in Newfoundland, Canada

Our family name is Wheadon, though I have seen several variations of the spelling in earlier times.

The only records we have seen containing the name are parish records and in one instance a Voter’s List. Of course, during my years of research in genealogy I have come to realize that many names have been spelled whichever way the particular clergy decided  it should be; in some instances several children of the same family were baptized, each with  a different spelling of the surname, depending on which clergy performed the baptism.

On a Voter’s List for 1832 Henry Weydon is listed in Ochre Pit Cove, Newfoundland. Later Henry and Rachel’s childrens’ baptisms are listed in parish records as: Whedon, Wadon, Weedon, Wheaton and  Wheadon. There is also a record of a Susannah Wheadon and Henry was witness to the marriage. I would think, because of the close proximity in age, that they were siblings. They are the only Wheadons of that generation who seem to be recorded in our area. Church records show that Henry Wheadon of Ochre Pit Cove died June 2, 1852 at age 48 years. Our records don’t go back beyond 1815 so I don’t know if Henry was born in Newfoundland or who his parents were.

The name Wheaton is prevalent in other areas of our province, but not in this area.

On my own side, I have done a fair bit of research into the name Diamond/Dimond; in fact some relatives have undergone DNA testing. There seems to be a link between the Diamonds of our area and the Marblehead Diamonds. One theory is that a New England Diamond may have come here on a schooner and settled since the name seems to have appeared in New England before appearing in Newfoundland. Again, the roots are in Devon. I noticed on this site Marblehead was also mentioned.

Henry and Rachel Wheadon’s son Mark is my husband’s great grandfather. Mark married and moved a few miles up the road to the village in which his wife lived – Bradley’s Cove.  Mark and Martha had several sons, one of whom was Charles, my husband’s grandfather. Charles and Annie also had a large family. Some of their descendants live in various parts of Canada and the UK.

We are quite keen to find out the lineage of this family and my husband (Robert) intends to do a DNA test.

In Newfoundland the only Wheadons that I am aware of are those of my husband’s family.

Thank you so much for inviting me to join this site.  I am the researcher (amateur) in our family but my husband has a keen interest in all that’s happening.

Warmest regards from Newfoundland, Canada

Marilyn & Bob


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