I have not posted lately but that does not mean I haven’t been busy!

  • Jean and I have been working on sorting out the 1790 US Census for Wheatons & Wheadons and have made some progress since the last attempt a couple of years ago
  • Jean and I have also come up with a simplified 6 Generation Chart of descendants of Robert highlighting those males with offspring and those needing further research
  • We have yet another Wheaton/Wheadon line pointing back to Devon with Robert Norris Wheadon’s latest results
  • No match on the L1358 SNP yet. So it looks like this will be exclusive to Jerry’s lineage having happened somewhere along his line.
  • Still waiting on a result for Jerry’s extension to 111 markers and Adam’s should be coming in shortly
  • I continue to work on the Obadiah 2 Robert 1 Line in hope’s it will connect to James of New Brunswick and my husband’s Joseph more definitvely
  • I tracked down a living descendant of Christopher and sent a letter only to have it returned “no mail receptacle” The phone number is no longer n service so dead end for  now. Anyone live near Barre, VT?
  • We did not have any takers on the WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE Conference in London, but it was worth the try.
  • And I have been preparing for a short research trip to SALT LAKE CITY

I have about 20 hours of research time at the Family Search Center in SLC. Here are my research areas/goals:

  • Look at the original Salem, Boston and Rehoboth early Town Records on microfilm (not transcripts) for more clues to the Wheatons
  • I have researched parishes in and around the following Devon areas: South Molton, Tiverton, Barnstaple, Lynton, Ilfracombe, Axminster AND Somerset areas: Cutcombe, Taunton, Chard and Crwekerne and will be looking at over 50 rolls of microfilms (as time permits) of early Parish registers for Wheatons, Wheadon Hancocks, Bowens and others (like Howell and Mallenby).
  • Of course I would dearly love finding Thomas Wheadon (Group C) or Robert Wheaton‘s baptism (Group B) but my intention is as much to eliminate places where they aren’t as much as find where they are.
  • I also will be working my way backward from South Molton and Robert Hancock. (Group B’s only DNA connection in England to date)
  • And picking up stray Wheatons in the hopes they may solve a few mysteries here and there.

So wish me luck! I may not come back with much but I hope to cross lots of places off my list!



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