Self Healing Concrete and Knowledge Lost

This blog post grows out of number of things. An article on Self Healing Concrete, a conversation with my 98 year old neighbor, Mary and another conversation with my friend Jean. How lost knowledge is such a remarkable, but common place event. So many secrets are waiting to be rediscovered. We have been here before. […]

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Who Gets to Write History? Who Are We Keeping Out?

A bit of a kerfuffle over who gets to write history and ask why, along with a series of emails with an Oxford educated historian and a local political scandal has me thinking about the parameters genealogists are “supposed” to operate within when writing our family histories. People act as if “facts” are truth. Sadly […]

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Location, Location Location: Changing Names and Jurisdictions & Finding Records

My recent trip back to Massachusetts underscored the SUPREME importance of understanding a Town’s history. It is not just the names that often changed, but their jurisdictions and sometimes their ACTUAL location. What do I mean by knowing a Town’s history. Specifically nothing will serve your genealogy research and your family history writing more than […]

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