About that nudge

When Kelly asked if we should move over to a blog format, my immediate thought was WordPress. I’ve used WP for the past 6 years for my own blog (which is here, if you want to visit) and appreciate the ease with which one can maintain a website without a lot of fussy settings. Mine is a standalone, not part of WordPress,com, and it’s still been easy to use.

This project has been great! Knowing that I am connected to Devon somehow adds another piece to the jigsaw of my genealogy. Three of my grandparents were Swedes, and I’ve been able to locate their families’ places of origin there, but the Wheaton side was the big mystery. The paper trail ended in Cape May County, New Jersey. I may not have the names of the ancestors between New Jersey and Devon, but now I have the location. Best I can hope for right now.

If y’all have time, we can blog about our family research endeavors. (I lived in Kentucky for 30 years, so that’s where the y’all comes from.) Hope everyone takes a turn posting here.

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