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Mary Margaret Wheaton Bruner

My great great great grandmother РMary Margaret Wheaton Bruner 1823 Р1913.  Daughter of Francis Wheaton and Mary Buckingham Wheaton.  Free African Americans and land owners in the early 1800s in Frederick, Maryland.

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About that nudge

When Kelly asked if we should move over to a blog format, my immediate thought was WordPress. I’ve used WP for the past 6 years for my own blog (which is here, if you want to visit) and appreciate the ease with which one can maintain a website without a lot of fussy settings. Mine […]

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Welcome to Wheaton Wood

Hi everyone! This first post has taken me a few hours to set up and decide on a theme. In case you don’t know Word Press is one of many companies that host Blogs. Google where my website currently resides is another. A blog can be one part newsletter, one part diary and one part […]

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