Welcome to Wheaton Wood

Hi everyone! This first post has taken me a few hours to set up and decide on a theme. In case you don’t know Word Press is one of many companies that host Blogs. Google where my website currently resides is another. A blog can be one part newsletter, one part diary and one part discussion. I would prefer it to be interactive with folks placing comments and asking and answering questions.

If it works well it will be my primary means of keeping you up to date on our Wheaton DNA project with a little bit of this and that mixed in. The advantages are you don’t get these long strings of emails about parts of the project you aren’t interested in and hopefully the presentation and commenting will be easier on the eye and easier to digest. You also don’t have to remember to check the Breaking News Page. If you join it will come to you. If I index it well both you and I will be able find past posts with ease.

Like just about everything else in the past year and a half I don’t have much of a clue what I’m doing and so I make it up as I go along. I am open to ideas and suggestions. Apologies in advance for misspellings, misatributions and just plain mistakes. To start this will be a private blog meaning you can only see it by invitation. Until I see whether it is worthwhile it will be the free version and therefore may have advertisements which I have no control over. If it works well I may upgrade to a version without ads.


Any of you who know me, know I like to play with words. And “Wheaton Wood” is a play on words. A wood is a forest of trees. (As in family trees and DNA trees.) A wood is a source of energy. A wood is something we get lost in, now and then. And an archaic use of the word “wood: mentally unbalanced, insane.” So one could say I’m crazy about Wheatons…..or you can infuse your own meaning.


Since the project was launched in February of 2011 we have gone from 6 members to 34 at Family Tree DNA and that’s not counting the folks tested elsewhere or just following along. Thank you all for your continued support. I hope to keep it interesting.

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