DNA News Updates

Walk Through the Y Group B

Just wanted you to know I filed the application today and the Kit is in Jerry’s hands. Once approved I will let you all know. I requested that should our project reach the top of the queue before the new Plate 3 is available that our project be held until the new ones are in use. This will increase the coverage significantly. More information on the Walk through the Y is available here.

Genographic 2.0 Link

This is a link to the U152 Project (Group B) results page for the Genographic project. Adam is the member of Group B listed there. This is where they will track new SNPs that in Combination with the Walk Through the Y hopefully will bring us closer to identifying our Group B origins. I checked on the U106 and L48 (Group C ) Scott “Rodger” is our representative for Group C. I have guessed that Group A and D are L21 but no one has ordered a test from these group.

Upcoming Results

On order or in process:

Ralph (Bonnie)- Refinement

Robert N.- New

Charles A -New

Jerry- Walk Through the Y

Rodger- Genographic 2.0

Adam- Genographic 2.0

Thanks to all for the continued support.



1 Comments on “DNA News Updates”

  1. Group C checking in. Rodger Wheaton aka Scott R. Wheaton, Jr. I was born in Durham, NC as my father was finishing up at Duke University. Raised in Poughkeepsie and Millbrook, New York until going to law school in Nashville (Vanderbilt). I have been in New Orleans since 1977.

    My father Scott R. Wheaton was born in Springfield, Mass in 1929 and died in Millbrook, New York in 1995. He was 65 and the president of a small manufacturing company (Fargo Mfg Co.) at the time of his death. My grandfather, Rodgers Gainey Wheaton and great grandfather Walter J. Wheaton and several more Walters can be traced back to 1823 on Ancestry.com but then I hit a cold trail.

    Group C seems to go back to Axminister through Thomas Wheadon. Big gaps between 1600 and 1823. Also some unresolved connections to Deans. The journey has just begun and I am signed up for the Genographic project.

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