Genographic 2.0 versus Walk Through the Y

The following was posted on a List I belong to and it is from Thomas the scientist who will be doing the work on on Walk Through the Y so thought is worth looking at.

The Geno 2.0 test scans the same SNPs over and over again, so it is possible to have a computer scoring the data and spiting out a easy to understand result for the customer.

On the other hand at WTY the sequencing traces need to be examined by a knowledgeable scientist in order to identify and verify NEW mutations. Every new mutation needs to be crosschecked and its position on the tree needs to get investigated. Therefore it takes a lot more qualified workpower to analyze.

The two tests are not competing with each other but instead they are following different goals. The Geno 2.0 test is a good opportunity to scan thousands of known mutations in a huge crowd of people at an affordable cost, whereas the WTY is primarily a tool to find new SNPs that later can be added to the next version of the Geno chip.



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