And the WINNER is:

In Wheaton Group B the winner is David Joe WHEATON! What do I mean winner you didn’t even know there was a contest?

Have a look here at our latest results:

You can see rather clearly that kit 200230 David J. has the most seen (modal) value at every marker. These are most likely the values held by our common ancestor. What you can also see is that most markers are very stable and do not mutate at all. Those known to mutate more frequently are shown in red (burgundy depending on your browser) rather than a shade of blue. Sometimes these mutations are a sign that two folks are more closely related and sometimes not.

A case in point, at first glance the last two in Group B represent a WHEATON and a RAINES. They share a DYS391 = 12 whereas the majority show DYS391 = 11. You might think that this denotes a more recent common ancestor. But here is where additional markers become most helpful. They do not share any additional mutations that suggest a pattern, therefore I believe these are two more recent spontaneous mutations that DO NOT suggest a more recent connection.

In fact overall there are no clear cut patterns emerging other than that this group clearly  shares common ancestry which may suggest a most common Ancestor overall in the 500 years range. For the time being David Joe is the standard by which all others must be judged. I will need to update our 111 Marker Genetic Distance Chart with the addition of Jerry and Adam’s results. Also new member Paul Ritchie WHEATONs result shall be added to the 67 marker chart.

The old charts are available here  or at

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