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Several results are expected next month. David J., Rodger and Adam WHEATON and Michael BEAL all took advantage of the recent Family Finder sale so their results are due in 6/11 or 6/19. We have two new members BD WHEATON and Thomas Phillips WHEATON whose tests have been ordered but not yet batched so I expect they will be due back in July.


The Wheaton project now has 42 members!

MORE NEW TESTSIn other NEWS I heard from one of the Admins of the U152 project and he is personally doing a new comprehensive Y-DNA test which tests the whole Y-Chromosome SNPS and STRS. I was reluctant to mention it since the GENO 2.0 and WTY did not yield anything particularly helpful. However if folks wanted to pool resources this is one of those once you’ve done it—it does not have to be done again. It will likely uncover many downstream SNPS and many STRs previously untested. Here is their website:

The regular price is $1499 but they have an introductory offer for a limited time they are offering an Early Bird Special of $1,299 for our “Comprehensive Y-Chromosome Sequencing” I am awaiting news from Rich Rocca to see how his test turns out. He is R-L2* which is of particular interest to our R-L2* folks in WHEATON Group B. If anyone is interested let me know.


I have two Kits available for FREE or reduced cost to WHEATONS recently from Wales or SW England or descendants of Christopher or Obadiah WHEATON. Please contact me for further info.  These are kits I bought on sale with my own funds to further our research.

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