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Well the atDNA (Family Finder) has posted for some of you and within the WHEATON GROUP B it is a bit of a bust so far. However any of you NEW BRUNSWICK folks stay tuned. Over at my husband got a moderate atDNA match who is descended from Hester Wheaton and  Joseph Sears. She the daughter of James WHEATON who I have speculated may be the son of Obadiah 3, 2, Robert 1. (michael being descended I suspect from this same Obadiah 3) And here is the really good news. She is already uploaded her RAW DNA (its been processed) to FTDNA and will join our project which might yield a few more clues for some of you who are descended from the NEW BRUNSWICK WHEATONS. Now it could be that the connection is elsewhere but every little clue builds up more of the puzzle. So in the next few weeks be on the lookout for any over your matches with WHEATONS in their tree.

If you have Family Finder results and have not done a search for WHEATONS please do so and let me know if you turn up any. Also feel free to invite them to join the project. The nature of atDNA is that it stays in tact through about 5th cousins and then there is a steep drop off so that you may only share segments with less than 2% of your relatives at the 6-10th cousin level.

UPGRADESTHANK YOU to those who chose to upgrade their markers in the last sale!

We have a few results coming in the next month including a new mystery member Dale WHEATON.

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