Success for Jean! And Barbara

I was hoping Jean might post this but since she hasn’t I am going to take the liberty of sharing with all of you how a DNA project works at its best. For those of you who do not know Jean is the “Keeper of the Trees” and manages her WHEATON ONE NAME site brilliantly. She has sorted out thousands of Wheatons across the globe and is my go to person for all things WHEATON as well as a dear friend through our shared interests and sometimes daily correspondence. When I first decided to launch the project I approached Jean to help me contact as many Wheatons as possible. And of course I twisted her arm to get her hubby Den to test. Well when his results came back he did not match any of the other Wheatons so I spent the next couple of days frantically trying to figure out someone he did match and I got lucky. He happened to match a WETTON who tracked back to Staffordshire however he is not a part of our project having tested elsewhere. In the meantime Den has been awaiting some company in WHEATON Group E. Meanwhile someone Jean expected should match up tested and Voila! It tied all these Wheatons in America back to their common ancestor in England. Thomas Wheaton who married Anne Sparrow had a son William who had nine children. One is Jean’s husband’s ancestor and one is Barbara’s husband’s (BD) ancestor and there are two others who also immigrated to America. So this is how DNA works at its best to prove a relationship and a lineage. Oceans, continents and centuries are something DNA transcends with incredible precision and grace. Congrats to Barbara and Jean and their respective husbands!!!!

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