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Looking at Ancestry’s New Ethnicity Estimates

Ancestry has a new feature which I would love, if it got it right for me or my husband. I applaud the attempt, but it just isn’t ready for prime time with the results for us. I share this detailed discussion to caution others in accepting it as a fact. It may get some people […]

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Adventures in Ancient YDNA: R1b> U152>L2 to Celtic FGC22501

Introduction It all began with a search for my husband’s WHEATON ancestry. After 40 years of trying to connect him with either immigrant Robert WHEATON of Rehoboth, Massachusetts or Thomas WHEADON if Branford, Connecticut I resorted to giving him a YDNA test for Valentine’s Day! In less than 6 weeks I had my answer that […]

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DNA Ancestral Origins: a Deeper Dive

We often compare the results of different atDNA (autosomal DNA) tests with regards to Ancestral Origins. Usually I share breakdowns via the five companies I have tested with. I wanted for the purposes of this post to limit my comparison to one particular geographical area. This came to mind when recently reviewing an update of […]

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