One Thing Leads to Another: Our Ira ALLEN not “the” Ira ALLEN

While I was writing my post Ice Cream Melons & Foxes [ now many months ago] I was surprised to find several mentions of Daniel COATS’ father-in-law Ira ALLEN in the ┬áHistory of De Kalb County, Indiana 1885. So I parked that with the thought—okay that needs exploring, so here I am staring at the […]

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Ice Cream Melons & Foxes: It’s the Mouth Watering Details that Bring an Ancestor to Life

Sometimes we don’t know much about an ancestor so it’s the littlest thing that can add a bit of spice to their life, which is otherwise just a recitation of census records, a wife and children. Context can help fill in the story if we can add what was happening during the time and place […]

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