The Human Diaspora: Illustrated through a Single Y SNP

At Family Tree DNA many of the Haplogroup projects are for very large Haplogroups (quite old) including thousands of members such as Haplogroup Q or R1b. The project I started is based on a single Y SNP that occurred in a man about 4,000 years ago who is FGC22501+, a descendant of the huge Haplogroup […]

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Adventure in Ancient DNA Part 2: Bridging the Gap

This post is based on the exquisite research of Vanessa Verbeeck of Belgium, who is the primary author. Because we are working in the past with sometimes scant historical records the work is speculative in nature but grounded in facts. BACKGROUND Long before the Romans occupied central Europe the area was held by ancient Celtic […]

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Adventures in Ancient YDNA: R1b> U152>L2 to Celtic FGC22501

Introduction It all began with a search for my husband’s WHEATON ancestry. After 40 years of trying to connect him with either immigrant Robert WHEATON of Rehoboth, Massachusetts or Thomas WHEADON if Branford, Connecticut I resorted to giving him a YDNA test for Valentine’s Day! In less than 6 weeks I had my answer that […]

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