Sign of a Kind Heart: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 26

Monday Aug 5 – Up early. Jessie and Sylvester get started about 8 oclock to Hayward for him to Entrain for Fort McDowell where Uncle Sam will make a soldier boy out of him. Eilene and Leo Hoffman came about 2:30. I will cut and fit her gray dress. I dislike the job exceedingly. I […]

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The Shelter of My Big Bay Tree: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 23

Fri Feb 1 – Usual routine Sat Feb 2 – Usual housework, sewing, etc. baking Sun Feb 3 – Eilenes birthday anniversary and they all except Milo came over to Jessies. Frank brought them their water pipe, window sash, sack potatoes and box of Newton Pippin apples. Dewey brought my hamper. Jessie put up my […]

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My Soldier Boy & Divorce: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 22

Jan 1 1918 May the year be a happy one. I finished work, began on Mon. Jan 2 got letter from Jessie Sat and saying she would be over Sun. Jan 3, 4, 5 Ordinary housework. Jan 6 Jessie came over . Worked hard, washed curtains in kitchen Syl [Sylvester] came in evening. Sunday Jan […]

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