The Pen is Still Mightier than the Sword: A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 8

Jan 1, 1914 New Year day dawned bright and sunny after so many days of rain. Albert went over to the Fair grounds and saw Beachy do his loop stunts in the air over the bay. Uncle came up to supper. Albert and Uncle are thick as molasses in January in Duluth, not S.F. They […]

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Ice Cream Melons & Foxes: It’s the Mouth Watering Details that Bring an Ancestor to Life

Sometimes we don’t know much about an ancestor so it’s the littlest thing that can add a bit of spice to their life, which is otherwise just a recitation of census records, a wife and children. Context can help fill in the story if we can add what was happening during the time and place […]

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