Robert Wheaton’s Rehoboth

I have been thinking of this for quite some time and have just roughed out a Google Map of important locations in and around Rehoboth. Here is a screen shot of the map.

Wheatons in Rehoboth

This map is interactive and each dot represents a place of interest. I will add them as I can. Here is the link to the map. Clicking on the icons will bring up more information and is scalable. The green dot to the far right is the Wheaton Cemetery. Photos of the Cemetery and a plot map courtesy of Joe Lavigne are available on my website under Wheaton Specific Resources. The blue dot to the far left is the original location of the town of Rehoboth and the far left green dot is the location of Robert Wheaton’s Home Lot.

A special thank you to Joe who found my photos of the Wheaton Cemetery and sent me a copy of the plot map he had prepared for his cousin many years ago!




2 Comments on “Robert Wheaton’s Rehoboth”

  1. Kelly, I like the map. Who knew Laban and robert lived in such close proximity? Had to be related somewhere?

  2. Robert, as did most of the Rehoboth early proprietors, added greatly to his original Home Lot in Rehoboth. The property on which Laban’s house sat was originally a part of the larger property owned by Robert. It was roughly circumscribed by the area of N. Wheaton Ave on the South, Willard on the West, Miller on the North and Steber on the East. A part extended across Wheaton Ave to the South.

    I will add the others if I can untangle their locations. Most were distributed to his sons during Robert’s lifetime.

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