For Wheaton Group B Descendants A book worth buying

Richard Bowen (1594?-1675) of Rehoboth, Massachusetts and His Descendants Volume 1

Just a few moments ago I received a copy of this book that I have known about for about a year but finally decided to purchase. (Published in 2011) All I can say is this book’s title  is almost misleading as I had decided not to purchase earlier because it would only have Alice BOWEN and her father and one more generation. Boy was I ever wrong.

Please do not make my mistake.  Not only does it include the first 3 generations in America of Richard Bowens descendants it also includes more generous information on the descendants of each of Richard Bowen’s 3 daughters spouses (their fathers and descendants) so Robert Wheaton, Robert Fuller and George Kendrick are traced along with their descendants for FIVE GENERATIONS .  All early families intermarried heavily so this book provides a wealth of information and careful analysis not previously provided elsewhere. The author has extensive knowledge of not only the early families but the records as well.

I think the price is quite reasonable for a hardback at $39 plus shipping from the RI
Genealogical Society. Available here:

The full title not even mentioned on the site  that sells it is: Richard Bowen (1594?-1675) of Rehoboth, Massachusetts and His Descendants Volume 1 Generations 1-3 with Notes on the families of Robert Wheaton, Robert Fuller and George Kendrick.

This is an amazing book for the breadth of its research. 300 pages plus another
50 of bibliography and index. And for anyone who knows your descent from Robert it is the first book published in many years that you can actually purchase and hand down as a family heirloom.

The only books to come close to this are the Converse Genealogy published in 1887 (about 35 pages of Wheaton genealogy) and the Lincoln, Pearce Porter Ayer and related families published in 1930 (about 8 pages of Wheaton genealogy). This book has at least 100 pages covering the descendants of Robert Wheaton.

I do not think you will be disappointed!


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