In case you haven’t noticed I love maps and I love tracing the paths of our ancestors. During the recent Family Tree DNA conference Michael Hammer’s presentation  was on the Post Neolithic Expansion of Haplogroup R-M269 in Europe. I have adapted one of his slides to show how WHEATON groups A, B, C and D are related. Hapolgroup I  Group E & F would have taken a path perhaps more towards Asia and then to Norway (Vikings) and then into England.


WHEATON Origins Map

So what we have here is the Common R Haplogroup ancestor M269 Moving north into Eastern Europe (P312) and from there Groups A, B, & D (U152) move into Central Europe whereas Group C (U1060 Moves right into the heart of Saxon territory. Group A & D migrate from central Europe to England. Group B (L2) likely move into the Alpine region of Europe before moving northward again where we pick up our match from Northern Germany or Belgium before migrating to England.

Group “A” WHEATON of Sidmouth, DEVON, ENGLAND: Haplogroup R1b1a M269 Likely R-L21

Group “B” WHEATON of SW ENGLAND and So. WALES: R1b-U152>L2>FGC22501 > FGC22538

Group “C” WHEADON & WHIDDON of DEVON, ENGLAND: R1b U106 R-L48>Z346>DF101>DF102>FGC12993  (C2, C3, C4 similar)

Group “D1” WHEATON of Winkleigh, DEVON Haplogroup R-L21 M269 WAMH Likely R-L21

Group “D2” WHEATON of N Jersey Haplogroup R-L21 WAMH Perhpas of Welsh origin

Group “D3” WHEATON R-L21 WAMH Likely R-L21 & R-L144


Group “F” WEEDON of Lancashire England Haplogroup IP37.2> CTS1977

From the same presentation a distribution graph of Haplogroup frequencies in Europe



R-M269 distribution in Europe

To give you an idea of how far we have come this is the Phylogenetic tree for R-M269 in 2010:

R-M269 in 2010Now this is in 2013, three years later. Each line represents a SNP. So essentially about 14 newer SNPS in 2010 and Hundred’s in 2013

R-M260 in 2013And I would venture to guess that as we exit 2014 we have ten times the above tree. And so this is how SNPs (mutations) are allowing us to further map the Y-Tree including our WHEATON parts of it.


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