I Have Updated Our Group Results

From the Last post I have been inspired to update our colors  for groupings I have updated our  FTDNA results page here.


Please note a very interesting result for our member James Lewis Wheaton whose ancestor is from Gornalwood, Sedgly, Staffordshire, England b. 1770 He appears to be a distant match with Group B and shares a couple of off-modal markers with Paul Ritchie Wheaton. Once we get the new SNPS available this would be a good place to test to make sure they do connect.

And I have updated the WHEATON Interactive map here to reflect those same colors here.


This map is scaleable you can zoom in and out and click on any point for more information. This is a screenshot showing possible groupings in Devon. [This map is not scaleable here] Some points refer to DNA results and others are chosen to reflect connections with the historical record. They are subject to change.

2014 Wheaton Map

This map is also visible on this webpage


Groups are as follows:

Group A Group A Wheaton os Sidmouth is shown on the interactive map in Light Purple. Group D is dark purple

Group B is L2 Wheaton of N. Devon and related families are shown in green

Group C is U106 The sub groups are shown C Wheadon Dark Blue, C2 Wheadon (not shown), C3 Wheaton Exter in Blue grayC4 Whiddon light blue Medium Blue is Sir Whidden line.

Group D is L21 and shown in dark purple on the map.

Group E is I-P37.2 Wheaton & Wetton and shown in Peacock

Group F is I-P37.2 Wheaton Peacock (not shown)

Bowen is in Magenta—related to Group B

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