Heading to Devon

Its been while since I posted here but most of you know I am headed to England on April 15th.

I will be visiting locations in Devon and Somerset identified with various branches of Devon WHEATONS and wanted to give you a tentative list of locations we may visit and their connection to the various WHEATON Groups. I will be meeting up with Den and Jean WHEATON of Group E and David of Group A (My husband and I are of Group B). So a bit of a WHEATON gathering!

Halberton: 1332 William Whetene
Tiverton: 1376 Alexander Leygh aka Alexander Wheton, very early Baptist church founded here 1607
Loxbeare: 1541 Peter Wheton
Witheridge: Wheddon Farm (staying here)
Woolfardisworthy: 1332 William Whetena, 1569 Thomas Wheaton Muster Roll
Meshaw: 1332 Roger de Weydon
Sidmouth, Branscombe, Sidbury: Wheaton Group A
Axminster: Wheadon Group C (Thomas Wheadon progenitor)
Ottery St Mary: Robert Wheaton marries Margaret Bastine here in 1604 Group?
Wheddon Cross
Wyddon, Somerset: Wyddons in the 1500’s
Wooten Courtenay: Wheddon early 1600’s
Dunster: Wydon & Widnone 1500’s
St Deucmans: 1620 Will of John Wheddon, Blacksmith
Stogursey: Robert WHEADDON m. 1599 St. Andrews to Joan HUISH; Hugh Wheadon will 1650

There are many, many locations to the West and South that I will not have the time to visit this trip. I am concentrating on the locations in the North most likely being the homeland of Robert Wheaton (Group B) and hitting known locales for Group A & C.

I may post photos from my trip here as I go or I may wait til I get back.

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