Closing in on Robert WHEATON’s homeland

GROUP B: the origins of Robert WHEATON

For me searching for Robert’s origins have been a nearly life long quest. Aside from my speculation we have DNA matches with the HANCOCKS from South Molton, DEVON and the HOWELLS from Newport Wales. One of our two New SNPS: FGC22538 is shared by:

DOOTZ 1200 Transylvania Saxons
KIDD 1600’s unknown UK (Although I did find a Devon Kydde in 1334)

And now we have three more anonymous matches to FGC22538 but they are quite helpful. They are part of a medical research study but the geographic area is known. This area is roughly from Bridgewater up through Bristol to about Sharpness in a 10-15 miles swath.

Bristol Study area

This area is just north along the Bristol channel from our area of interest so I consider this confirmation of the right area. There are no early Wheatons in this area so my guess is that they would share common ancestry from severall hundreds to several thousands of years ago.

And in other exciting news the FGC22503 Panel is available for any Group B participant at YSEQ ($231 for the panel or individual SNPS $17.50) We have results for 18 of the 22 SNPS being tested and of the 18 thus far 16 are shared by both Michael and Jerry. So they would be at the level of Robert 1 or earlier. Those where they differ may be defining for the branches via Robert’s sons. Once the last 4 are in I would recommend anyone that does not have a paper tree back to Robert consider testing these 2 (or more) SNPS. Those like MALLENBY, HANCOCK, RAINES and HOWELLS—the panel and what is shared and not shared will again define the tree pre Robert 1 WHEATON. Thank you to Jerry for making this discovery possible.

Additional Information shoukd you choose to order. The panel is called FGC22503 the individual SNPS that are differenr (Michael positive and Jerry negative) are FGC22526 & FGC22529. Imwould remiss if I did not mention that there are nearly 60 other SNPS tested as a byproduct of where on the Y we are tested and these (as they should be are all negative.) Positives are a one time occurance. So any man who has it he is descended from a common ancestor in which that mutation once occurred. Our progression looks like this R: U152: L2: FGC22501: FGC22538:  FGC22503-FGC22518 etc then we have a split into two branches: Those that are positive for FGC22526 & FGC22529 and those that aren’t. Remember these labels are assigned by the testing labs. The actual position of a SNP is an actual address on th Y chromosome ie FGC22526 = 15172319 where the ancestral value is A and the derived (or mutated value) is T.

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