Nice Y Haplogroup Map of Eurasia for all our Groups

Just a recap of our Y groups within our project which are all R1b (M269 except group E and F which are I2. See below.

This is a very nice map via Wikipedia:  “Haplogroups europe” by Selbst Wrstellt Robertius / Robert Gabel -Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.


Group A: R1b M269 Likely R-L21*

Group B: R1b U152 L2 > FGC22501>FGC22538> etc

Group C: R1b U106 R-L48>Z346>DF101>DF102>FGC12993

Group C2: R1b M269 WAMH Likely R-L48*

Group C3: R1b M269*

Group C4: R1b M269*

Group D1: R1b M269 WAMH Likely R-L21*

Group D2: R1b -L21 >Z253

Group E: I-2 P37.2

Group F: R1b Likely R-L21 & R-L144

For those interested in going further back in the Y Haplotree who are in one of the * asterisk groups, you can find on your FTDNA page an upgrade button, then go to advanced tests, then under panels:  R1b-M343 SNP Pack that will test 140  downstream SNPS . The current cost is $99 (and during the holiday season it might be even less.) Since individual SNPS are $39 this is a very good deal. I would suspect an I1 backbone test may be offered in the near future.

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