Who was on the Train? A Soprano’s Aria: Chapter 4


Union Depot Cheyenne, Wyoming

On the 2,000 mile train trip from Minneapolis to San Francisco we have our heroine Mary “Lulu” (PADEN) MOSIER 45, her husband “Frank” Franklin Stewart MOSIER 45, also known as F.S. in Lulu’s Diary. Then we have their children: Eilene 18, Dewey 16, Milo 13 and Lolita 12. Left back in Minneapolis is Leo 22 and Jessie 20. Out in San Francisco awaiting their arrival is eldest son 23 year old Albert Edgar MOSIER, also known as Allie.

Union Pacific Railway Map from Minneapolis to Oakland

The 4 day rail journey ended in Oakland, California necessitating a ferry trip across the bay. [No Bay Bridge back then.]

Oakland to San Francisco on the Ferry

So after a very long trip the MOSIER family arrives in San Francisco spends the night at the Winchester Hotel and will soon be on there way to there new home in San Francisco on Fell St across from the Panhandle. To orient you this annotated Chevalier 1911 Map of San Francisco.

1911 Chevalier Map of San Francisco

To give you an idea of scale it is about 3.4 miles from the Ferry Building to 1712 Fell Street. And 4 miles on foot from 1712 Fell street to the Pacific Ocean.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2021. All RIghts Reserved.

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