Location, Location, Location: San Francisco A Soprano’s Aria Chapter 6


The location of the Mosier residence in 1913 deserves some attention. The flat that Allie secured for them at 1712 1/2 Fell street was quite a wonderful location. Frank may not have had a job for the first few weeks but they had a centrally located flat across from the panhandle. The “Panhandle” is an extension of Golden Gate Park that goes in a Easterly direction at a much reduced width from the park proper, making the park look like a giant rectangular frying pan. To this day its beautiful victorian buildings are revered as part of San Francisco’s “Painted Ladies“. The term refers to the beautiful painted buildings as well as San Francisco’s history as a Gold Rush town replete with Houses of ill repute. Some of the most heavily photographed are those that surround Alamo Square Park which is the green square on the map below to the NE of the panhandle.

Chevalier 1911 Map of San Francisco

Although 1712 Fell has been modernized the adjacent Buildings give a hint of what it may have looked like back in 1913.

Painted Ladies 1700 block of Fell St. The Far right is the current 1712 Google from 2014

Taking a closer look at the Sanborn Fire Maps we can see changes. The lot sizes were 25 X 100 feet but in 1900 the lot was empty to the East of 1712 and there was a vacant one house to the west.

1712 Fell street has been remodeled and made a part of a larger building but what it would have looked like can be seen by its twin which was 1714 Fell street. AS seen below in a 2018 Google Street Photo. Remolded 1712 on right and original twin house on left (1714).

1712 & 1714 Fell Street Google 2018 Street photo

Here’s a current satellite photo:

1700 Block of Fell Street San Francisco today via Google Maps

Across the street was a park and a few blocks west lay the whole of Golden Gate Park. And beyond that Ocean Beach and the Pacific Ocean. A short streetcar ride would take you to downtown Market street and the Theatre district. So they really were very fortunate to land in a beautiful city with wonderful amenities. Balm for the soul.

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