Good bye Old Year, More Joy to the New: A Soprano’s Aria Part 7

1913 Nov 3 Monday Went down town and did a little marketing. Bought a salt and pepper box.

Nov 4. Tuesday Worked on rug all day. Rained some.

Nov 5 Wednesday A blue day. Wrote to Emma and worked on my rug. Some sun and rain.

6, 7, 8 Unusually dull and monotonous.

Nov 9 Anniversary. Passed uncommented upon and without event. From this on until my Birthday nothing unusual occurred to warrant especial mention but the fact of my continued ill health which I apparently brought with me from Minnesota.

Nov 16 Got a beautiful birthday card from Leo and the others which bore news of Emma’s fathers violent death by shooting.

The remainder of Nov was spent nursing a very bad case of Bronchitis complicated with liver and kidney trouble. Utterly miserable with a terrible cough and intermittent fevers and chills. I took but little notice of passing events, kept indoors and did what house work I had to, kept the children in school and Doctor’d myself to save money.

Nov 27 Cooked the turkey. Had Uncle to dinner. Felt little like eating.

28, 29, 30 Dec 1 Slowly convalescent.

Dec 15 Went down town and signed bill of sale of furniture and sent it to Leo

Dec 16 Went down town and walked all over hunting Minneapolis flour. Found it at last at the Emporium.

Minneapolis Flour: just like back in Minneapolis

Dec 17, 18 Worked on susette bows for Jessie and Eilenes Christmas in the evening of the 18 on thu. Uncle came down and we all went to the exhibition of the Polytechnic High School. Very interesting indeed. Had a fine walk to and from and enjoyed the change.

Friday 19 Spent the day chrocheting. Some rain. Beautiful december weather.

Sat Dec. 20 Feeling better. Washed clothes and dried in side, raining

Sun 21 Finished Irish Jabots for Jessie and Eilenes Christmas

Mon 22 Bread out of oven at 8 a.m. Got letters from Eilene Dewey and Mother Mosier. Went down and mailed Christmas parcel to children in Minneapolis. Bought Milo a scroll saw. Made F.S. a pair of Khaki mitts by hand. Got supper made and apple turnover for Lol’s lunch and cut a pattern for Milos pants. Wrote a letter to Mother Mosier. Some day, believe me.

Dec 23 Worked on Milos pants. Milo made a Christmas wreath.

Dec 24 Paid Examiner bill which depleted my Ch. money just 75¢. Finished Milos pants entirely by hand. Made them out of an old coat. Uncle came up in the evening.

Christmas Dec 25 1913 At Mrs. Ross house at 1712½ Fell st. San Francisco. Without the larger part of my family was a little strained at first but wore off when we got their blessed night letter wishing us good cheer. Our little mutual gifts were duly appreciated and admired. Uncle Wm Pettie came to dinner which he praised. [William & Elizabeth Ross lived at 1712 Fell St. & a Charles Ross at 1712 Fell who worked for Shreve & Company, Jewelers]

26 Nearly sick from overwork on Christmas. Resting up.

27 Sat Work occupied the day. Sent Mrs Newman her Forrester dues. Did some marketing and went to bed.

Sun 28 Lolita went up to the stadium to see the big out door Christmas tree. Uncle came in afternoon to dinner and then we all went down to Lottas Fountain at Market and 3rd to hear some outdoor singing and speaking.

Mon Dull day. Started crocheting a new pattern for a coat set

Tues. 30 Did a big wash 6 sheets 2 bedspreads 2 tablecloths etc. Dried them all in house on account of rain.

Wed 31 Last day of old never to be forgotten 1913. Some joy, more of grief marked the passing of the days in Columbia Heights. Hope has found a new house in my heart since coming to this blessed clime. May the reign of lawlessness which terrorizes our fair city soon give place to peaceful security. Third day of heavy rain, rivers full, tides high. City full of unemployed mostly transient men. Baked bread, ironed some. Crocheted Lolitas new doll a hood. Just a wearyin for my absent ones. Wish they may come early in 1914. Good bye old year, more Joy to the New.

Kelly Wheaton Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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