New Measures of Rare for Groups B, C & D

In my on-going effort to educate (translate= make your heads spin): Taking the 3 Groups for which we have 67 Marker Results I have computed the “weighted averages” to determine how common are our “Haplotypes” for each group (remember Haplotypes are simply a given set of values at each marker as in DYS393=13, DYS390=24, etc. […]

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Robert Wheaton’s Lands in Rehoboth (Group B)

For those of you descended from Robert Wheaton b. 1606 of Rehoboth, a couple of photos from last Fall’s trip to Rehoboth. Besides Robert’s town lot located in the present town of Rumford, Rhode Island was what came to be known as the Wheaton Farm and is located on the present day Wheaton Ave in […]

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