New Measures of Rare for Groups B, C & D

In my on-going effort to educate (translate= make your heads spin):
Taking the 3 Groups for which we have 67 Marker Results I have computed the “weighted averages” to determine how common are our “Haplotypes” for each group (remember Haplotypes are simply a given set of values at each marker as in DYS393=13, DYS390=24, etc. through each of the 67 markers).  Here is a rubric

  • under 100- very common
  • 100-300- common
  • 300-500- somewhat rare
  • 500-700-rare
  • 800 or above very rare

Group B Wheaton 1003

Group C  Wheadon 756

Group D Wheaton 878

What does that mean? It means that all three groups have rare Haplotypes with the Group B Haplotype being exceedingly rare. Just wanted you all to know you’re special!

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