Thanks to Thomas’ question posted below and Adam’s reply it looks like the Y-DNA Phylogenic Tree is in upheaval and headed for MAJOR revisions. Let’s  review the basics. The Y-DNA starts  with  the Proverbial Adam and each time there was a major mutation that determined a different branch of the Y tree. In our Project we have “I” and “R” Haplogroups representing our major branches of the “Y” tree. As new mutations were discovered each further refined the position on the Phylogenic tree: R becomes R1 then R1 becomes R1b and so forth. The shorthands are becoming so unwieldy that ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogists) are moving to use the Branch name R1b with the terminal SNP ( that is the furthest down the branches SNP for which a man shows positive for the mutation ).

The new Geno 2.0 Chip tests for thousands of Y DNA SNPs most of which were previously unavailable. Apparently widespread testing has thrown a few surprises into the mix and the whole tree must be revamped. This has broad implications for our project and for our WAlk Through The Y. First the shake-up may help further define where the various Wheaton clusters are located in the new tree AND the time frame for our Group B Walk Through The Y may be effected. This is good news because the longer the wait the more likely we will see more interesting results.

REMEMBER the Genographic Chip only tests for KNOWN selected Y DNA mutations whereas the WALK THROUGH the Y is looking for NEW mutations.

AS promised here is a link about the new A00 Haplogroup.

Still looking for the video. Here’s one
And a shorter one

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