Uncle Dale Dean Wheaton

My Uncle Dale passed away early Saturday morning, at his farm-home with hospice and family.  See other obit information here: http://www.petersandmurrayfuneralhome.com/obituaries_view.php   We are part of the Robert Wheaton Clan, with postings on Jean’s web site through the 6th and 7th generation ending at Ottis and Alonzo in Eaton Co. Michigan, my Great and Great Great Grandfathers.

I brought along printouts of the family lineage, and family members enjoyed reading and sharing the stories around his bedside.  Thank you all-

R. Bruce Wheaton

1 Comments on “Uncle Dale Dean Wheaton”

  1. R.Bruce. Thanks so much for sharing. We are sorry for your loss.

    At 88 Dale Dean joins a very large group of Wheaton octogenarians and older who have not only been the hard-working “salt of the earth” folks but also Veterans who have served our country. Thank. God for all our ancestors and the greater Wheaton family!

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