Too Much News so just a quick ROUND-up

Those with Genographic 2.0 are getting there results including many more SNPS. As yet not sure what it all means as the Phylogenic trees do to reflect all these new SNPs yet. Thank you to Thomas and Terry for keeping me posted.

We also have new results for Geoffrey which show that he and the New Jersey Wheatons (of Wheaton Glass fame) are not recently related. I have separated them into D1 and D2 for now. They are both part of the very prolific North Atlantic modal that will show matches at 12 markers which fall apart at 37. Remember I warned of this. I suspect Kingsley will still match Geoffrey but we will need his markers extended to know for sure.

Please see the previous post about the passing of 88 year old Wheaton Clan B Dale Dean Wheaton.

Looks like our Walk Through the Y results may be a ways out but will be worth the wait.

Thanks for the comments regarding the Wall Street Journal Article. Here is the link for posterity.

There are many sales and new price structures for various DNA tests. If you happen to have an interest in medical related DNA the $99 price at 23andme is quite attractive and includes atDNA. is currently offered at $129 for atDNA and FTDNA’s equivalent atDNA called Family Finder is $199. If you want recommendations for holiday gifts please contact me directly.

That’s the short update. I will post more as I get it.

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