GENO 2.0 First Thoughts

Three of our project members that I know of have taken the GENO 2.0 and one has results. Of the over 12,000 Y-DNA SNPs tested Mr. Mallenby is positive for 447. That really doesn’t mean much in itself but it does show why FTDNA is no longer recommending the Deep Clade Testing as this test is far more comprehensive.

Most of the results that I have checked so far are consistent with the known Y-tree also known as the Phylogenic Tree. However there are many new SNPs below the terminal L-2 SNP and some that were placed on the tree over on the U106 side of things (like the WHEADONs) which he is positive for. So the Y Tree will be getting an overhaul as these things get sorted out. Each SNP has a name such as L2 or Z148 and they also have a position and sometimes a “Rs number” So For the series L, M, V and Z series where I could find the Rs number I looked up my husband’s results on 23andme (he is also Group B). All so far are identical with Mr. Mallenby save one: L516 aka Rs9785694 Mr Mallanby shows the mutation (therefore is positive) whereas my husband is negative. In this case the “ancestral” value (allele) is G (my husband) and the mutation or “derived” value is A (Mr. Mallenby). When we have Adams’s results (Group B) we will be able to compare them to Mr. Mallenby. They should be nearly identical. Any differences could be branching of the tree in genealogical time.

The GENO 2.0 only tests 12,000 known and selected SNPs. It cannot find unknown mutations. That is where the Walk Through the Y steps in and tries to identify NEW mutations. Together with a little luck we may get some big answers about Group B this coming year. We should also be getting good info on the Wheadon Group C Folks too!

I know I have probably lost some of you by now but as more info gets digested I hope to be able to report it in a way that is actually interesting and meaningful…..okay back to number crunching….

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