Looking Forward to 2013

I have updated our Results page here: https://sites.google.com/site/wheatonsurname/patriarchs/results

This only includes markers up to 67. For those tested at FTDNA for 111 markers see our page at FTDNA. (The website doesn’t like big excel files.) I have grouped the results with those having the same markers and/or same lineage together. Makes viewing possible relationships easier and also shows the strength of our WHEATON-MALLENBY-RAINES-HOWELL matches. Remember marker labels in RED are faster mutating markers so those difference are less significant. Markers off modal (average) are shaded darker.

RESULTS expected in the next month or so:

  • Charles A 12 marker test. Charles has the most distant paper trail of any Wheaton. His ancestor John was born about 1527 and lived in Exeter, DEVON (Group A, B, C, D ?) Care to guess? Charles lives in Australia
  • Jerry’s extension from 67 to 111 markers (Group B)
  • Adam’s Geno 2.0 results (Group B)
  • Rodger Geno 2.0 results (Group C)
  • Michael F. test for the new SNP L1358(Group B)
  • Don Howell test for the new SNP L1358 (Group B)
  • Paul Ritchie from Newfoundland, Canada who traces back to Robert 1 Wheaton of Rehoboth’s son Ephraim (likely Group B)
  • Robert Norris from Newfoundland (Group ?)






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